I got lifetime! No backing down!

Heya friends!!! it’s me! now as a level 9! lets gooooo!

My plan this first year had been to reach level 10, but, i will take 9 XD it means I have levelled up exactly once a month, as I have now spent 9 months on the kanji grind!! I may have only started studies outside of WK last month, but I am happy with how this year has gone!

I struggle to remember how it felt 9 months ago, starting japanese for the first time seriously, which in some ways makes what i know now feel like I have always known it, but i definetely haven’t. I know more now than i did even when I lived in Japan!! I may not be able to hold a conversation, but i recognise kanji and words in most sentances and adverts!! which is cool!!

So, I took the plunge! i went for lifetime sub! I love WK and everything it (and my effort) has given me this year, from studying 80+% of days this year, to reaching my current level and starting Tango and Bunpro, I feel great with my studies. If it wasn’t for my uni exams and dissertation, i feel i could do language learning as a full time gig between work!! maybe i will learn a romance language next!!

Anyway! what I wanna say is any level 1/2/3 reading this who is wondering if actually going for it will be worth it, take it from me, WK and japanese is an amazing thing, and you will love yourself for working hard!

thanks for all the help this year my friends, and to the WK support staff <3 love u all soooo much!

see you next year!!!


Best of luck to you! Lifetime has been great for me in terms of providing that freedom to go back and re-learn stuff if I need to without feeling like I’m wasting money, hehe.


Welcome to the club! I picked up lifetime this year too (started ~August). I think the biggest thing is working it into being part of the daily routine.

There are highs and lows (like getting stuck on one single kanji that you just can’t seem to remember), but I totally agree that it is very rewarding when you can start recognizing some words!

Keep it up!


Same reason, as well to take my time…
Edit: Sorry didn’t mean to reply

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