Constant unintentional typos? (kana)

Does anyone else here make a bunch of small unintentional typos? Cause I’m starting to wonder if there’s something wrong with me lmfao When I decided to get super into studying I bought a laptop to make things easier and it’s got a low profile keyboard but I don’t think that’s entirely the issue (although I notice I often don’t press some keys hard enough lol). I make so many small mistakes.

I was just doing reviews, and even though I’ve already forgotten what the exact word was, I was marked wrong which made me go “what? but I typed it correct” and I saw that I’d written め, when I know I’d intended to write み. Does anyone else do this? I notice I do it a lot with し/ち and the like (like そ/ぞ). It’s not as easy to write off as say こ/き/く (cause u, i, and o are all beside each other lol) and I wonder why I keep doing it.

Does anyone else have this? lol


I keep doing it all the time. I just failed a review just now because I accidentally typed ち instead of し. My fingers aren’t exactly well coordinated with my brain for some reason.

It’s annoying, but I put up with it. I know that I know the correct answer, so next time I’ll get it right and it won’t waste any of my time.

You could try installing an undo script but I don’t care enough to do that.


Good to know I’m not the only one! I do have a manual override script cause I got tired of failing on a typo haha but I know when I’ve made a typo, or genuine mistake XD (so I try not to abuse the powaaa haha)

This happens to me alllll the time so I also got the double check script recently. I am so glad that I did because it has saved me from so much frustration haha!


I do this what feels like “all the time” though in reality it is probably a small percentage that I don’t catch before submitting. It’s very frustrating, but I accept the penalty of missing those reviews as motivation to learn to be more careful of my typing- and it does seem to be working, or at least, I’m catching the mistakes before submitting them more often.

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I say the word to myself in my head. If I said it right, I “cheat” and call it correct.


Every third kana I type is wrong.

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This happens to me quite often, actually!
In fact, in many cases I don’t even know which kana I have mistyped :sweat_smile:

I mean, I get the review, enter the reading, press enter too quick - notice that the item was marked wrong, but press enter again, then get the same item, enter the same reading - and it passes… The only reason for that to happen is that I must have mistyped the reading the first time, but I don’t even know which part I mistyped :sweat_smile:

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I use a “ignore” script. I say the word out loud, and if I got it wrong cause of a typo I will hit ignore if I said it right.


it happens all the time. when this happen i cheat :sweat_smile:
if you close the tab and you open a new one the mistake doesn’t get recorded.

I do that all the time, but I don’t really mind tbh, because that’s just one more review you know? That word will eventually stick even more to my brain than the ones I know but never typed wrong therefore leveled up much faster.

since i’ve started learning japanese, i’ve been making a lot more typos in all my languages. for the most part just letter replacement typos, sometimes switching whole syllables around.

i think it’s because my brain is doing some re-wiring to accomodate this new and very different writing system, so i reckon it’ll sort itself out soon enough. in the meantime, i make like a proper touch-typist, and watch the screen rather than my fingers in order to catch my typos :wink:

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Constantly. I try to resist the urge to punish my fingers for their insolence.

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there should be a script for typos in hiragana for reviews

I just made twice in a row a typo in (よろこ)ぶ which I wrote both times よろこぬ :frowning:

Yeah. They really need to find some way of recognising potential typos. I mean, it’s off by one “kana” but that’s usually only a single letter for us. For people who use this alphabet, “nu” and “bu” are 50% the same XD

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You may want to check out this script. I don’t use it personally but it seems to be what you are asking for.

If you think you have strong self-discipline I’d recommend installing this one instead:

If you make a genuine typo you can reset it and enter your answer again. However, this script does mean you can mark incorrect answers as correct so only use it if you know you’re not going to cheat yourself!

I have this double check installed but it only works with the english words, sometimes only,

For me it’s the same. Especially for し/ち… Everytime it happens I tell myself to take care, but it happens again and again :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It has a feature to allow insignificant typos through on the meanings in English. But obviously it can’t let typos through on the Japanese readings because that would sort of go against what the site is trying to do.

The first script I suggested will prevent you submitting your answer if the okurigana is wrong.

But if you’ve got retyping enabled in Double Check you can always retype your answer anyway if you’ve made a genuine typo. It’s down to personal preference (and whether you think you’ll be tempted to cheat) but I prefer this one.

Doesn’t happen to me much while typing, but all the time when handwriting. I constantly write ま for も, さ for ち and lots of others.

Have you thought about trying out a kana keyboard? You’d type slower but perhaps it’d lower the amount of typos.