Suggestion for typos

Is this the right place to make suggestions? I hope so.

Anyways, I primarily use WK on my phone, and some of my most frequent mistakes are from typoing readings because my phone’s keys are just so darn small. Every time it happens, it’s frustrating, because I do know the answer and I said the right thing in my head, but I didn’t notice that I accidentally pressed ki instead of ko, or gio instead of gyo, etc. because I was moving quickly.

And I keep thinking to myself, it would be really nice if WK would notice that I don’t open the tab to check the reading in those cases, and if I answer the reading correctly when it comes up again, it doesn’t knock me down a level in the SRS. If I know the reading on my own without having to check, then I probably knew it in the first place and just typoed, so cut me a break yeah?

Theoretically this could also be combined with a check to see if the mistake was a one letter typo, if you really want to tighten it up to only catch typos and not someone thinking totally the wrong reading.

I really wish this were a thing because it sucks to be forced to do extra reviews just because I pressed any one of Y, U, I, or O when I didn’t mean to, and they’re all so close together… I’d even accept just staying at the same level of the SRS because I made a typo, just don’t knock me back down a level when the mistake wasn’t related to knowing the kanji.

Hopefully as I get further in I’ll get faster at reading kana and notice typos before I press enter :sweat_smile:


this is the right place for a suggestion!

yeah, like, why do we get knocked down a level when we get it wrong? why not just keep it the same?

I don’t mind getting knocked down a level if I actually get it wrong, because if I’m getting it wrong I want more chances to practice to make sure I’ve really got it. I just think that typos should be treated differently from actually getting it wrong :sweat_smile:


Since you do Wanikani on a phone, you should consider using a 3rd party app instead of the browser/web app. The 3rd party apps below have built in undo buttons.


  1. Smouldering Durtles
  2. Hakubun: Alpha version released
  3. Flaming Durtles: Unsupported (may or may not work properly with kana vocabulary)


  1. Tsurukame
  2. Hakubun: iOS app will eventually be released
  3. Jakeipuu: Unsupported (However, if you have done all your kana vocabulary reviews & lessons, it has a cool reading practice feature. The app doesn’t work with kana vocab.)

That’s a part of how a SRS works. If you get something wrong, it means you may need to be reminded of it more often. Anki works the same way. Keeping items on the same level would potentially make the SRS less effective.

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So this isn’t literally an answer to the question, but maybe a helpful tip:
Using the iPhone’s (maybe the same on android, can’t say) kana flick keyboard instead of a QWERTY one… takes a little learning, but once you do the typos on readings go way down.

And before you get good at it, it forces you to slow down and pay attention to what you’re typing. win/win

Bonus, you’re simultaneously learning to type in Japanese on your phone. win/win/win

This. I too have fat fingers, and I really struggled with typos until I switched to flick. Now I don’t really make typos like that.

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I appreciate this suggestion and I do want to do it, but unfortunately right now that adds an extra layer of complexity that makes my brain want to put off doing my reviews, which ultimately is worse for me than a few typos. I think I’ll try to do it once some irl stuff clears up for me though.

I think I misremembered the WK info as saying not to use jp input, but it actually is worded to say that you don’t have to, not that you can’t. So, thanks for helping me correct that thinking!

(Sorry for the late reply lol, aforementioned irl stuff)

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