You know what's THE WORST

Is when I know a kanji and am rocking it and am ONE CORRECT REVIEW away from being Guru and my FAT THUMB hits the wrong key so my word ends up with a “o” instead of an “I” and I get it wrong because I don’t double check these things.

I’m so mad. I’ve done that at least six times now. You’d think I’d learn to proofread. I wish I had a “just kidding I knew that actually” button that I could use like… once a day.


I feel your pain. I do that at least once in every single review! If you can and want to use scripts, I hear there’s one for correcting answers when you make typos or something. I’m only ever on mobile and can’t use scripts but maybe it’ll help you!

Check this out maybe? A lot of scripts


For me it’s き instead of くon the end of a verb at least once a day so I share your pain.


yep. Get that too. Especially when doing reviews from my phone. Also when a couple vocab words are very close together and almost the same meanings.
For the longest time, I mess up these two.
then trying to figure out which one is “to rise” and “to raise”
plenty others to mix up. Especially between On and Kun readings.


My flavour of that pain is the first kana dropping the consonant because the first keystroke sometimes doesn’t register properly on mobile. So at the start of the answer て becomes え, き becomes い, and so on. I tend to miss it because I’m too triumphantly going “oooh, I know this!” and I’m halfway done typing the answer before I look at the input box properly… I don’t use undo or ignore since I’d be too tempted to abuse it, but sometimes…


U,i and o being next to each other accounted for half my failed reviews last session. I should probably stop doing my reviews on mobile…
The worst is when you notice you’ve got it wrong but you’ve already started hitting enter



And what’s worse is that I can’t mess with scripts, because I’m on a shared computer that I can’t download anything onto. Not even add-ons. So I’m stuck, living with my idiot mistakes.


Literally just done this on an enlightened item, saw the typo at the exact second I hit Enter.

Now sulking in the forums as a result. :frowning:


If you can use scripts, there’s a really good one for this. It doesn’t let you get away with anything else (so no worrying about abuse), but it DOES catch you if your okurigana doesn’t match (i.e., if there’s kana on the card, you need to have it in your answer, too). Do You Even Kana? Okurigana Matcher

Get the Override script if you’re not on mobile, folks! If you know what the answer is and your fingers just hit the wrong key, it’s perfectly fine to let WaniKani give you another chance.

There are some ways to discern the transitive property of a verb in the Japanese form, and that can make it much easier to know which answer to pick, since you’ll know if it’s likely to be the “self-moving” or the “other-moving” version.

Yes, the audio and visuals are quite off-putting, but I found the explanation to be incredibly useful, personally. ^^

While it has the same risks of anything that allows you to self-evaluate and you should use it with exceeding caution - owners of Android phones can use some scripts.

Like the Anki mode script where you think the answer to yourself, hit reveal to show the answer, and then hit whether you got it right or wrong. Basically eliminates all typing on phone for reviews.


This is too real, doesn’t matter your level when you know what you’re doing but you fail “by interface” it can be infuriating.


I really wish the interface would let me enter readings with my kana flick keyboard on mobile. Pretty sure that would be a lot less error-prone for me than hitting the wrong vowel in that u-i-o cluster.

Another annoying one is hitting l-u instead of k-u or something, which gives you ぅ instead of く. Why does WK even support small vowels? I doubt there are any words that actually use them.

Yeah I know, I’ve been using tampermonkey on (mobile) Firefox. I don’t want it to be anki style though cuz then I tend to mark reviews I should have failed as passes…

I’ll tell you what’s the worst: 最悪.


All right you got me I laughed

My worst one is trying to type ji /じ and it always somehow being jo / じょ before I notice. I do WaniKani exclusively on mobile… Don’t really use a computer at all except for work

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The good news is, by the time you burn them all, you’ll be a good typist too.

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