Do you ever purposely mess up your reviews so you can get rid of them?

I’ve pretty much just done that.

Just did everything as fast as i could knowing i was making typos every 2 questions because there are days like today where being suddently unable to recall a a dozen words i’ve been quizzed on nearly every day for the past 3-4 days really pisses me off.

In a way it feels good, but it doesn’t really solve anything.


Go away, reviews!


Never that bad. Sometimes when I have alot of reviews and worn out I may just push thought them quickly. Sometimes if your really that out of it, may be best to just to do the self study quiz or review the lists and do the reviews later that day or tomorrow morning. Sometimes your brain will just feel fried and cant remember anything.


I recently did this for 返す, because I answered “to return” (and it was correct) but I actually wanted to answer “to return something” in order to emphasise that it’s a transitive verb, not 帰る.


I feel like a jelly donut because all I desire is things to do on WK… okay, an oozing jelly donut.

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My default answer to just bomb a question is ‘a.’ It’ll only give you one false positive (that I’ve seen so far). Sometimes you don’t know something, and it’s okay. Deal with it in four hours or whatever.
Wanna hear something really bad? Sometimes I abuse the ignore answer script on an individual item to shove it up to Master and get it out of my face for a few weeks.


I often frown at the amount of verbs that have both transitive and intransitive version whitelisted as correct.


Can you donate some to me? I just did my review that I waited 9 accursed hours for (for only 2 readings/meanings) and must wait another 2 hours before enjoying my new favorite thing again.

So far i’ve resisted installing this script and boy am i paying it dearly given that i routinely make involuntary typos.

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I have 60 pending lessons and no will to go through them.

You have no idea what you started…

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I thought I had an idea, but, was warned it was a “slow start”…I want ALL DA LESSONS! Almost typed “all da lesions” which is quite different.


Yeah but I kinda want to be done with kanji is a reasonable amount of time, I mean it has to end at some point and I really would like to be done in 1-2 years instead of 5 cause i don’t think i can stomach it for this long.

I initially started because I wanted to play some japanese games and couldn’t read it obviously. Well level 15, I still can’t read anything of value. I sometimes recognize a kanji here and there but it doesn’t seem to matter in understanding anything.

It’s a double edge sword for sure, but it’s perfectly possible to wield it responsibly. (I wouldn’t call my example up there responsible, incidentally, but I’m no role model)
I make legit typos like crazy too; I’m not a good typist :v: :v:

I tend to add alternate meanings to quite a few things when i notice i consistently get the meaning “slightly off” or am using an unrecognised “pretty damn close” meaning due to being french.

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That makes sense. I’m a native English speaker and sometimes even I’m confused. Serious props to you!
Looking at what you typed up there, it looks like you’re close to burning out. Take care not to get too frustrated—going a little slower for a few days to recharge is better than pushing too hard, quitting, and not learning anything else. :heart:

I agree to a point. It’s also partly the “fault” of the English language for having so many verbs that could function as either transitive or intransitive depending on context.

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I’ve been close to burning out for a while but the system doesn’t really care really, there is no way to just “stop” progression for a bit, if i get something consistently right i’ll, get more lessons or level up. And if i don’t do those lessons as soon as they come i’m im missing on potential, easy to secure, words.

And even then my projection seem to say it will take me a really long time to complete.

As for synonyms, sometimes i just stick the meaning the same as the reading, like for 様 i changed the meaning to “sama”, because hey, i know exactly what “sama” means and “format name title” is gonna give me typos every 3-4 reviews.

You can turn on vacation mode so that your progress freezes for a while

Yeah but so do my reviews :stuck_out_tongue:

And your memory degrades lightning fast on vacation mode.

But if you want to read things in a wild, you need vocab more than kanji (I mean you still need kanji but they’re usually just parts of the word) :thinking:
Or I’m missing the point here