😒 Stupid typos! I’ve learned my lesson for sure!


This is the first time I didn’t rely on the user script to help avoid typo errors. I’m working on my iPad because I’m not near my laptop at the moment… and the only two things I got wrong were 2 kanji. They were marked incorrect because I put “to” in front of the meaning rather than just using the word on its own. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if it didn’t mean that those two kanji are now 2 REVIEWS behind the rest! :unamused: At least there’s good buffer room for mistakes so I can still level up in time.

I really wish that Apple allowed user scripts to run on safari. It would make this so much smoother since I can’t always be near my main computer. But I’ve learned my lesson. I will just have to resort to waiting to use my main computer to avoid these silly errors.

I apologize for the rant. Needed to vent out to people who most likely have experienced the same thing haha



If you ever want to “undo” a mistake without scripts at hand, you can just not complete the review. You can use page refreshes to continue to avoid that specific item. After 2 hours it will reset and forget your progress in the last session, as though it was a fresh review for that item. Of course, this still puts it a little behind time-wise, but it’ll be on the same SRS stage as other items.


Use Tsurukame.


Ah thank you! Definitely will have to use this tip if I’m ever in a pinch again and need to use my other device.

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Thanks I’ll look into this!

This is what I use. Luckily, my job allows - even ENCOURAGES - me to study at my desk. I do my reviews on my phone. My desk-buddy said it looks like I am just playing games and I should use the web version, like my predecessor did. Yeah…no, Imma stick to my built-in scripts and semi-cheating thanks.

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I agree! Tsurukame is great. I fat finger some characters sometimes and then realized that the app accounts for the typos if close enough.

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Just started using it! It’s an awesome alternative for when I’m not near my main computer with scripts!! So glad this exists.


I second this! Getting notifications for when reviews are up are a life saver, and it gets me good practice using the Japanese keyboard on my phone.
Also it’s generally just great, a bunch of good features like built in fonts or being able to choose your review order. (Etc. Current level first)

The only word that wouldn’t show up in reviews for me on Tsurukame was イギリス人. But maybe it’ll show up when it’s time to burn it. Kind of odd.

Yeah, same here. I’m guessing it’s a bug.

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Go through the settings as well. It provides a lot of the same functionality as many of the scripts.

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