Typo's when reviewing

Recently I had a typo in 大きい, throwing it back to apprentice. I’m sure other people have had stuff get thrown back a notch because of a typo or another minor error.

How do you deal with that? I gotta say it annoys me xD I know it’s not all that bad in the long run though. It’ll get to be burned eventually. just maybe a week or so later x3

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I use the Double Check script for typos, but also to mark myself wrong if WaniKani thinks I’m right because of its leniency. If you use a script like this you have to be really disciplined though, because if you use it when it wasn’t a genuine typo you’ll just be cheating yourself.


I just don’t care. More reviews don’t hurt me. Actually it makes sticking easier.


Oh yeah, you don’t know how many times I had a typo… because I got used to press enter without looking at my answer.

It may be triggering, but for me I think it’s better, the more times I repeat it, the more it will stick to me


It’s annoying but just another chance to review.


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