Constant unintentional typos? (kana)

It happens to me when I do reviews on my phone, I do “cheat” and I undo them to correct them. Sometimes I’m seeing the correction and I still can’t see the difference :sweat_smile:. It doesn’t usually happen on the computer, though.

I use double check. If I make a kana mistake like typing ku instead of ko, etc, I just redo it cause I know it was a simple typo.

If I make an English mistake I usually give myself a second or third attempt if I think I know the correct meaning, because I’ve found that WK can be a bit pedantic about what meanings it will and won’t accept. For example, I know 最後 as “end” but WK just won’t accept “end”, so if I type “end” and it marks me wrong, I will go “oh, right, it only accepts ‘last’” and retype. And 曲 is “song, music, melody, etc” but for the Kanji specifically, WK will only accept “music”, so if I type “song” and get it wrong, I’ll just retype. But if the meaning is like “first” and I type “first thing”, I know that’s a genuine mistake.

There was one I was doing last night, which I’ve already forgotten (lol), where I got the meaning wrong. But I was sure I was right, so I typed a different variation of the answer I thought it was, and was still marked wrong, so then I thought “well obviously, I don’t know” so I took the mistake and looked at the meaning. I was still correct about the meaning, I was just using phrasing WK didn’t like lol. The pedantry over accepted meanings is probably the thing I dislike most about WK, but oh well.

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For the english and different meanings you can add a synonym.

I know, but I don’t want to do that in case I add something that’s wrong or uncommon. I know it’s unlikely, but just to be safe lol Like I said, if I write something that’s “correct” but WK won’t accept, I just type the one WK wants.

That’s a good idea, ty! I‘ll give it a try.

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