Anyone else have a bad habit of double tapping enter?

Maybe it’s just me, but since I’m always confident and lazy I almost always double tap enter on every answer assuming I got it right. A lot of the time if I was wrong I am able to guess it correctly the next time it pops up, but if not, since I didn’t read the correct answer, sometimes I’ll get it wrong multiple times to really push it back up to the front of the queue.


I can most certainly relate to skipping along at an unexpected error. Mistake Delay script saved me a lot of grief. ^^


That’s great, thanks! I already installed it and am already seeing the benefits.


Yes. Urgh.

I love how this community is so full of helpful folks assisting us on this journey. I’m gonna give this script a try! :slight_smile:


We have to help our kouhais


Along with the mistake script, there’s also a script that lets you see the wrong answer without having to click the center doo dad. It’s also a life saver. You’ll see the wrong answer right away, which helps stay my hand. I also use the Mistake Delay script, and I find the two together really help when getting the wrong answer.


You bet… Just a minute ago I got the kanji for ‘can’ and I entered ‘cna’ and it counted it wrong.

Those really are the worst.

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yes! all the time… will be checking out that script.

You can also just click f. I still do when I want some of the other info. Usually the what kanjis are used in the vocab, radicals in the kanji. Actually have a script 98% done to give that quick too, but small bug I can’t iron out. Drove me nuts enough that I’ve back burnered it for a while now.

The Double-Check script has the option of introducing a delay before accepting a second enter.



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