[Userscript] Wanikani Mistake Delay (new, version 2.x)


tl;dr Use [Double-Check] instead. You can disable all of Double-Check’s features except Mistake Delay.

This script is no longer supported, but it has been integrated into [Double-Check]. If you only want Mistake Delay, simply install Double-Check’s, then go into the script’s settings and disable all of the features except Mistake Delay. Your experience will be exactly the same as if you only had Mistake Delay installed.

The reason for discontinuing Mistake Delay as a standalone script:
Double-Check and Mistake Delay modify the same parts of Wanikani’s interface, which makes them incompatible. So, it became necessary to integrate a version of Mistake Delay into Double-Check for those users that wanted to use both. But the version of Mistake Delay inside Double-Check had to be implemented very differently, so maintaining both versions would be twice as much work. And since people who only want Mistake Delay can simply use Double-Check with the unwanted features disabled, that seemed like the obvious and best solution.

Wanikani Mistake Delay

For you speed-demon reviewers who are in the habit of double-tapping the <enter> key after a correct answer so you can quickly move on to the next item…

…but sometimes you accidentally double-tap after a wrong answer, which prevents you from seeing what you did wrong.

This script prevents the double-tap for 2 seconds when you answer incorrectly.


:point_right: Download from greasyfork.org :point_left:


There are several settings you can change near the top of the script:

    //==[ Settings ]=====================================================
    var settings = {

        // Amount of time to delay (in milliseconds).
        delay_period: 2000,

        // Delay when answer is slightly off (e.g. minor typo).
        delay_slightly_off: 1,

        // Delay when multiple answers are available.
        delay_multiple: 1


[v2.0.1] - Added options for delay upon multi-answer or slightly off answer.
[v2.0.0] - Initial release


The original concept for this script comes from @ruipgpinheiro in this thread.


Ahhh, this is exaclty what I needed. Thanks for the update!

Can you make it delay for “There are Multiple Readings” unless you use [Userscript] Wanikani Multiple Answer Input?

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^^^ I can add an option that you can manually enable. That way it’s not dependent on detecting other scripts.

But not today. Time to sleep :slight_smile:

[Edit: And also a separate option for “your answer was a little bit off”]

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This is excellent, thanks.

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This has been the bane of WaniKani for me (specifically when doing radicals).
Thank you so much rfindley :kissing_heart: (in a platonic way).

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:point_right: [v2.0.1] - Added options for delay upon multi-answer or slightly off answer. :point_left:

(See settings near top of script)

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Do you have an idea why it just stops working if I enounter the ‘multiple readings’ or ‘looking for on’yomi/kunyomi’ messages pop up? The input area just turns gray, enter isn’t working anymore and the only way to fix it is to manually click on the submit button (which completely breaks my workflow).

Some more information:

  1. I’m using Firefox v. 58.0 64-Bit with Tampermonkey 4.5.5660.
  2. It only happens after about 1 second has passed.
  3. I have the following scripts installed:
    2018-01-21 22_15_36-

The combination of [But No Cigar], [Mistake Delay], and [Lightning Mode] is particularly messy. All three interact with the review process, so it’s not surprising that some things get weird.

I think I’d probably recommend dropping [But No Cigar], [Mistake Delay], and [Override], and switch to [Double-Check] instead. It’s basically a combination of all of those three, plus an ability to mark right answers wrong if WK’s typo-forgiveness gets too lenient and marks one correct that shouldn’t really be.

By default, the [But No Cigar] feature is turned off, but you can enable it at the top of the script by setting the following to 1:

shake_when_slightly_off: 1,

As far as I know, [Lightning Mode] should also work with [Double-Check]. If not, it would be easy for me to add a Lightning Mode option to [Double Check].

The hotkeys for [Double-Check] are [here].

Just started using this script, it’s awesome! Thank you @rfindley ! :slight_smile:

However, I noticed a bug. When I enter the wrong reading for a Kanji (Kun’yomi instead of On’yomi, for instance), the input field becomes blocked and I can’t type anything. The only workaround is to click on the “next” button and wait for the item to appear again. This doesn’t appear to affect the review.

Thanks for the bug report! I’ll take a look sometime tonight.

(Now that you mention it, this sounds familiar. :thinking: I wonder if I fixed it on Double-Check (which contains mistake-delay), but not on this script. Either way… I’ll check it out)

:point_right: [v2.1.1] - Fix disabled input box when wrong yomi.

Hey it seems like this script activate itself everytime whether you’re wrong or not I guess it’s due to one of the recent WK update

Since Mistake Delay is built into Double-Check, I’m not planning to maintain this one. So, I’d recommend switching to Double-Check. If you do switch, be sure to look at the options near the top of the script to configure Mistake Delay how you want it. There may also be a settings menu soon, though no guarantees.

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Hi @rfindley,
I realised I was still using the Mistake Delay in addition to the Double-Check delay script.
Is it feasible for the Double-Check to detect ‘Mistake Delay’ being active, and to suggest the user to delete the unsupported one?

Also, maybe you can this obsolescence notice in the 1st post of this thread? Thanks.

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Hi, how do you remove this script? I added it in error and now every time I open my reviews it says “Wanikani Mistake Delay script is not working.”

This error message is now a permanent feature of my life as even if you uninstall the script it still does it.

Which browser are you using, and how did you install the script?

If you installed it in a script host plug-in like TamperMonkey, just open TamperMonkey and delete the script.

If you (also?) installed it directly into your browser, you’ll need to open up your browser’s “extensions” page from the browser menu and remove it that way.

Firefox (latest version) and Tampermonkey. Tried all that already, even with the script totally removed I get the error message.

Sounds like you may have installed it also as a browser extension, which would happen if you tried to install it before installing TamperMonkey.

Try temporarily disabling TamperMonkey itself to confirm whether the problem goes away. If not, the script is installed as a browser extension.

Also, something to consider: if I (or some other scripter) happened to copy/paste a section of code from Mistake Delay and forgot to change the text message, it’s theoretically possible that it’s another script that has the problem but the script is misreporting which script it is. The chances are small, but I try to think of all possibilities…

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Sorry to drag this on but it’s definitely not installed as an add-on and even if I completely remove Tampermonkey the error message doesn’t go away. It’s not in the code for any other scripts either.

Ultimately it’s just another click before I start my reviews so I’m not too worried about it, it’s just a very odd bug I can’t seem to get rid of.