[Userscript] Wanikani slowdown

As I sometimes like to run through my reviews quickly, I occasionally make stupid typos and so on. So I started to use override script but it isn’t preventing me from submitting my answer to quick (as I clicking enter like a machine gun) and therefor skipping the chance to ignore typo.
In this case instead of slowing down myself (hard way) I made a userscript which checks if I don’t go too fast and make any mistakes on the way: slowdown script
Basically it’s checks time between pressing enter, first time checking the answer (answer then turns green or red) and submitting it (and go to next question), if this time was too short (1s by default) and answer was wrong it prevents from going further. If answer was right or we waited long enough answer is submitted normally.

It works best together with override script but it also works in cases when we wanted to check correct answer but unwillingly skipped it for some reason.
I don’t know if someone have same problem as I do but maybe someone find it useful.

Tested only on firefox.
If someone have any question or feedback feel free to ask.


The Mistake Delay script worked similarly, though it may or may not still work. Now, [Double-Check] contains both the Override and Mistake Delay functionality, except Double-Check is nicer in that you have the option of retyping your answer without seeing the correct answer, instead of just marking it correct like Override, so it’s a little harder to abuse. And it also lets you mark answers wrong if Wanikani’s typo forgiveness is too lenient and passes something that shouldn’t have.

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Perhaps you misunderstand how Override works? I’m using that script and I do have to retype my answer when I get it wrong. It just isn’t instantaneous: after a wrong answer is marked as “correct” the item remains in the review queue, so it shows up again soon and I have to answer correctly to proceed. I like the way that works (i.e., having a moment to cool off before attempting the same item again, since to me that helps reinforce the correct answer) and that’s actually why I stick to using Override, even though Double Check has extra features.
Also, it’s not like Override shows you the correct answer. You’d have to go click on the item info page to see it, as usual.

Ahh, you’re right. I think I’m mixing it up with an override that was originally part of the Wanikani Companion script. It’s been a really long time since I looked at either of them.

Thanks for the script, OP! I tried it out and it’s better than Mistake Delay, which for me causes an annoying delay every time an item has more than one reading or meaning. Recommended for people who aren’t using Double Check for whatever reason.
(I love your scripts too, rfindley)

Ok, I actually searched for similar scripts but didn’t find any, probably just poor select of keywords.
Anyway, my script is just very simple, without any additional functionality, to use together with other scripts, or just standalone, without override, only to check which answer was correct after a mistake.
Your script seems to have more functionality, probably I will also check it in a while.

Heh… Actually, the search functionality of discourse is a bit weak.

I like the simplicity of your script, by the way! Short and sweet, and single-purpose, which is almost always preferable.