What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Is there not a userscript that shows the Wanikani context sentences with furigana? I’ve been looking for it for a while now, and there are some extensions for the context sentences, but I found none that shows furigana.

Optimally, it would only reveal the furigana once you hover over it, so you can try reading it without first, but immediately get the answer if you can’t do it.

Excerpt from the info blurb about the script:

Edit: Sorry, I’m not fully awake yet. I saw that you’ve looked through a few scripts and specifically want furigana. I don’t recall having seen one, but maybe this one can at least make things a bit easier until WK / a script creator arranges something else.


It definitely will help, thank you very much! Of course furigana would be better in cases where a Kanji has multiple readings or rendaku and you don’t know the word, or if the reading of the word is something entirely different. But this is still way better than nothing.

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A userscript that shows me all the vocab examples for a given Kanji during a Lesson, instead of just the three. Couldn’t find one doing that.

Putting this list …

… right here:

Originally I intended to do it myself as a starting project (i don’t imagine it’s that difficult to do?) but between all the things I have going on learning to code will just forever fall by the wayside.


there is already one for the reviews maybe it can be modified?

i can’t put a screenshot now because i have no kanji in my reviews…

displays all of them.

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Are there any current scripts that change lessons so that readings are shown before meanings? I find it much easier to link the two in my mind this way! I’ve tried “Wanikani Lesson Tab Transmutation,” but it doesn’t seem like it’s being maintained and no longer works.

Have you tried to recall the reading first even though the meaning is being asked? Then you get this three steps process.

1- Recall the reading
2- Recall the meaning given you remember the reading
3- Type in the meaning assuming this is what WK asks for

This is what I do and it works fine for me.

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I mean in lessons, not quizzes! I’d like to be introduced to the reading of an item before the meaning.

Fantastic! The advanced context sentences script didn’t work for me anyway, but this is an even better version of it.

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Sorry, my bad. I didn’t notice you wanted lessons.

The words in the black bar are clickable tabs. You can click on the tabs to go to the reading directly, and then jump back to the meaning.

Is it possible to make WK’s “Wrap Up” functionality behave like Flaming Durtles’? In WK when you click Wrap Up, it finishes up 10 items and then quits reviews. In FD, it wraps up every item you’ve already answered. That means that in WK if you half-answer more than 10 items (e.g. with a kanji, you’ve only answered either the meaning or reading) you’ll have “wasted” effort.

By default WK will only have at most 10 items active, so it’d be impossible to half-answer more than 10 items, as it won’t show you anything new until you finish the 10 items currently active. The wrap up button then makes sure you finish your current queue of items, which should make sure no half-answered items remain.


Ah, that makes a lot of sense! Thanks!

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I’d just like to say, this method has increased my accuracy a ridiculous amount. From ~80% previously to ~95% in the last few days. Taking a moment to always sound out the reading in my head has stopped me from immediately answering with an incorrect but similar kanji meaning.


Is there a script that puts vocab on the dashboard page with the current level status? I’d like to know that if I’m in Level 4 (where I’m at) what the current level of the vocab items is. If I sort by vocab I only know if it’s active or not, not how far I have to go to guru it, which I’d like to know. I have the script that shows the level on reviews, but I’d like to see it on the dashboard along with tags for levels for the radicals and kanji that already appear there. Thanks!

Not sure if this one still works

Maybe Item Inspector can display what you want. The Current Level SRS and Previous Level SRS tables show items at Currrent and Previous levels. Or maybe some custom configuration will display what you want.

Thanks this one worked like a charm. I can filter for non-gurued vocab on the dashboard page!

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Is there a script available that displays a count of the number of kanji for each level on the dashboard? Something like what I’ve made marked in red in the screenshot. Would be helpful for determining how many to study each day. Thanks!