What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Well, that still sounds great!

Looking for an extension/tool that gives me a weekly sum of lesson and reviews I did.
WK stats doesn’t do this, neither does the heatmap.
Just want a number. (well, I mean, two numbers)

In the heatmap if you drag over a week (say monday to sunday) you will get the data for the week.

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What’s the name of that extensions that gives me how many radicals, vocab and kanji there are in the lessons queue when I hover my mouse over the big lessons button? I used to have it but can’t find it anymore

Lesson Hover Details

Is there a way to tag items? I’m not sure how to search for that function other than ‘tag’ and that doesn’t bring anything up…
Basically an option to tag/flag items to if you look at the level/radical/kanji/vocab overview they have a little flag or something, or in the case of text tags being able to search for them.
I’m using the Cherry Picker to sort out vocab I already learned on Anki, being able to mark all the ones I still want to add to WK would make that process a lot quicker. Could probably also be useful to mark stuff you struggle with and want to look into at a later point or something.

I am looking for a script that displays the “Part of Speech” Section information from the “More Info” tab above the vocabulary word during vocabulary reviews. It would be very helpful to increase association of parts of speech with word to improve grammar concepts. I feel where the part of speech info where it is currently is not as useful as it could be in a more readily available space.

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Is there a way to hear the difference between what you typed and the right answer, when for example you put in the wrong long/short marker? I’m always messing up the う and っ and I think if I can hear what the words are with one vs the other, in direct comparison, it’d help.

Please include Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition script functionality in core WaniKani.

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This isn’t a request for WaniKani, but KaniWani as I love the site but kind of think it can be improved in certain ways.

  1. Don’t have synonyms enter a correct answer, have the option to have it ignore until you choose the correct spelling.
  2. Only allow Kanji to enter. This forces me to right in and use the correct Kanji for an answer.
  3. Display the english context sentence before you provide the answer to make it more likely to get the correct answer when there are synonyms (e.g 女, 女の人)
  4. When a synonym / similar word is used it would be good to highlight would the definition of this is to show the difference in usage.
  5. I do have a big list of synonyms that I’ve pulled from somewhere else. It would be good to get these added to the list more easily, but only if point 4 was in place.

I wouldn’t mind creating userscripts, but I don’t have much experience in this so if anyone has any advice on where to start with this I would appreciate it!

Holiday programming challenge:

Display on the front page: the earliest date and time I could level up.


  • current state of my level, unlocked, item stages, next review times, all that
  • I do the reviews immediately when they come due from now on
  • I don’t get any reviews wrong from now on
  • Following the dependencies. I.e., if a kanji I need is locked, then add it’s minimum time-to-guru to the earliest time I could unlock it by guru-ing the radicals it depends on.

Updated as the conditions change.

How’s that a holiday challenge? Well it would be a gift to me. :smiley:
I suspect this is harder than it sounds

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A good starting point:


First of all, before I make my request I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who writes userscripts. You all are amazing. I’m currently using 15 different scripts and they each add SO MUCH to my learning experience. :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet: Thank you.

On to the request…

I especially love userscripts that that supply additional information such as visually similar kanji, randomized fonts, kun vs on, anime context sentences, etc. So the request is for information about official/real?/Japanese radicals. You know, the ones that you can use to look up kanji in the dictionary. Ideally I would like to know:

  • when a WK-radical corresponds with a JP-radical
  • the name of the radical in Japanese
  • how many strokes it contains

Or even better:

  • list the JP-radicals in any given kanji
  • plus their names
  • and stroke count

If anyone knows of an already existing userscript like this, that would make me equally happy of course! Thank you for your consideration. :slight_smile:

If you actually know as well as you think you do, you’ll get 100% accuracy with each review so it’s not as bad as you think. Unbeknownest to most trolls, I’ve studied Japanese for several years before doing WaniKani so Levels 1-20 were pretty repetitive, as well as the conversational phrases that appear in the 40’s. Also, I will say that there are many many lookalikes so eventhough you can read a kanji, it may not be the kanji you were thinking of. To simply “burn” kanji based on recognition alone is a slippery slope. Even on Level 58 I’m seeing Kanji I knew from before the program. Is this really about some sort of deadline? What was the time frame you set for yourself for finishing the program may I ask?

Recently got lifetime and decided to reset, after a long period of bad habits, over-scripting, and very long burnout. Now hoping to get back into this, fresh and good-habit-forming.

The biggest issue that I had seen, prior to this, was that I was really struggling to burn items. Going from a 1 month gap to a 4 month gap was brutal. Is it possible to get something that adds a second Enlightened level with a 2 month gap, for my poor, easily overwhelmed memory? Does such a script already exist?

There is no script that adds a new SRS stage to wanikani. The closest you can get is to use Self-Study Quiz to review your enlightened items. Most people have over 1000 Enlightened items so you need a way to pick a selection of them. The Sef-Study Quiz let you set a Max Quiz Size parameter in the settings. If you set it to, say, 50, it will randomly pick 50 items for quiz. If you do it every day you will eventually be quizzed on the full gamut of Enlightened items.

This is not quite what you asked but it is the closest I can think of.

Hi, I ask this here since this thread is likely to be followed by the user-script community taskforce :slight_smile:

I would like to brush up my programming skills by creating a script. Is there some kind of documentation for object types like wk_items, wkof.ItemData and the like?

Thanks in advance.




Define synonyms also during the study (not just review) phase

I think this script does what you’re looking for: