[Userscript] Wanikani ContextFurigana

Hi, this is my first post here.

When I check context sentences, I usually get annoyed, when I just can’t read the japanese itself, I need to either ignore those words or look them up. This even removes the possibility of knowing a word in hiragana from somewhere and therefore knowing what it means.

Well, I was annoyed enough to implement to add furigana with a userscript:

It scans the context sentences, tries to find out which word the user has either yet to learn or won’t learn on wanikani and adds furigana to them. It struggles a lot with verbs (read: it doesn’t work with words due to conjugation, if anyone has any idea on solving that, I’m open to suggestions). It uses jisho to query the given words wanikani level.

If you find a scenario where it breaks or you have a feature suggestion, feel free to list them.


You should try out some browser addons like Rikaichamp, it will show meaning and reading for the word you’re hovering over and quite helpful on other sites beside wanikani. This way you will have time to guess meaning and reading and not just focusing on furigana.


This is another good related script