What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

In WK you can look at all the kanji by level: WaniKani / Kanji

Also, there is a very nice page that gives you an even better overview in my opinion:
You just need to give it your (read-only) API token and you’re set.

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The Item Inspector script has a Previous Level SRS table for tracking items from the previous SRS level. This table will display the items and their SRS stage on the dashboard.

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This one


Thanks everyone, I’ll take a closer look at all of these.

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It’s a bit more manual, but if you don’t want additional stuff on your dashboard this script updates the specific level page to show where each item is at in the SRS.


Thank you as well, that looks very useful!


Can you make an extension that makes the context slide in lessons disappear so i dont need to press return
one more time to skip useless information?

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is it possible to create a script to import all kanji taught in genki I and II in order to someone to use it in nhk easy news?

Maybe there’s an Anki deck that has all those kanji?

I dont know how to use anki decks, but it should be a script, since it would work on websites like nhk news easy.

It would be similar to the current nhk script that take all kanji learned from WK, but in this case, it would be only the kanji that appear on genki I and II.

Could just ask the author of that script for additional features

A script that blurs this part of the lesson page, so you can try to guess the meaning from the kanji alone.

(I couldn’t find an already existing script for this purpose.)

I’m using this one:

It only shows the meaning on the meaning page and when you hover.

(Sorry, I’m sure there is a thread for it as well)


Thank you!!!

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Just spitballing here, but would it be possible to create a script that enhances the anime watching experience by adding Japanese subtitles with the kanji you’ve learned on WaniKani and furigana’d kanji everywhere else? Maybe english translations for the items you haven’t learned yet too? I’d be more difficult than just turning english subs on, and easier than no subs. I don’t know how feasible this is, if it already exists, or if there’s even some framework to work with on the host of websites streaming anime, but it might be cool.