Websites that enhance WK experience?

Just out of curiosity, are there any web sites (preferably web sites) like wkstats which enhance, add to or provide additional data/information related specifically to wanikani? I’m not necessarily looking for other learning Japanese resources but just thought wkstats was pretty cool in how it enhanced my understanding of where I was in WK in relation to different standards.
I know there are android apps like Flaming Durtles, Jakeipuu, Kakumei etc which are nice but I guess I see those more as WK with a different interface?
I don’t know. Maybe I can’t really describe what I’m looking for. It’s nothing important or anything, I was just curious.


WK History is pretty good, too.

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There’s also nihongostats. It can also load stats for Bunpro and Anki, if you use those.

Apart from that, there are thousands of stat scripts, but I assume you already know about them, since you wanted websites (ask me again if not) :slight_smile:

This is also a fun one:

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Very cool! Thank you.

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Thank you for recommending Nihongostats. Exactly the type of thing I was looking for.

I only really do WK when I’m on the computer so my preference is for websites.

Please let me know if there are any particularly cool or useful user scripts that you might suggest.

Here are the ones that I’m using.

WK Double Check
WK Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition
WK Miai Similar Kanji
WK Ultimate Timeline
WK Extra Study Mover
WK Progress Percentages
WK Item Inspector
WK Self Study Quiz
WK Anime Sentences

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Wow, that’s amazing! Thank you!

if you are into reading

try, it organizes books/manga per JLPT level.


Created this pretty recently. Still needs a lot of work. But uses verbs and adjectives from WaniKani to test your conjugation skills. Can also be used to look up conjugations of any verb (adjectives not implemented yet)


Mmm… have you checked the cockpit script? I don’t use it, but I know of it and it seems to fit you.

You should also check these:

Aside from those, I have to add the heatmap script. It’s not really a statistics script, it’s more of a planning script, but… I really like it and it’s got useful info, too.


A very big thank you to @nuff, @Mique, @ekg, @evandcs, @DaisukeJigen!! I had no idea these existed and they all far exceeded my expectations. I now have so much more data that I can spend my time analyzing and cool resources to comb through. :grinning:


I also like these scripts:
[Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter
[Userscript] Stroke Order Diagram
[Userscript] ConfusionGuesser
@Kumirei’s Wanikani: Review Queue Sizer (couldn’t find a thread for that one, but it’s awesome for setting a number of reviews limit other than the default 10 you get with the “wrap up” button if you’re like me and prefer to tackle your reviews in smaller batches)

None of those are really related to stats, though.

You might be interested in this one if you mostly do your reviews on the same computer:
[Userscript] Wanikani Review Answer History
I switch devices a lot, otherwise I’d use it. :smiley:


I know the feeling, ironically I made it for my own sake but I do most of my reviews on my phone so I don’t even get to use it much. I’d love to make it work cross platform but there’s just no way that’s practically happening.


I feel the same way about the [Userscript] Item Filter, too, though I do still enable that on my main computer, as the time saved skipping those items I already 100% know in reviews is worth it even if it only skips them for reviews on that computer.

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