Nihongo Stats (Wanikani Stats)

Hey Wanikani Users,

So next month is a big month for me. After 2 years of learning Japanese, I will be moving to Tokyo. I am very exited and VERY nervous. To celebrate, I wanted share a project that I have been working on.

What is it?

I have been working on a stats aggregation tool for Japanese language learning apps (Wanikani, BunPro, and Anki) on and off for about 8 months.

Nihongo Stats:

I named it Nihongo Stats because the goal of the project is to have a single place see all of stats from multiple apps.

Nihongo Stats has similar functionality as Wanikani Stats, but with graphs to see your review history and a dashboard. I took a lot of inspiration from the original WK Stats website, because I really liked being able to see the kanji “light up” as I progressed.


  • This project is still in an Alpha phase and there are probably many bugs I don’t know about. If you come across a bug or something that is incorrect, please consider reporting it on the projects Github Issues Page.

  • Wanikani has been my main focus since it has the best API to work with(in my opinion). Anki and BunPro are also included but I would not consider them feature complete. They only have a few graphs each and I am open to feedback :smile:

  • When creating this webapp, my main focus was on a Desktop/Laptop experience. I did some work to make some pages work on mobile devices, but you will have a better experience on a Desktop/Laptop.

  • The first time you load the page, it may take a bit to load since its will need to download all of your review history from the Wanikani API. The Wanikani API has a limit on the number of requests that can be send per minute, so if you have a long history it may take a few minutes. If you feel like its stuck, try refreshing the page.


Below are some of pages with my stats

Wanikani Dashboard

A simple dashboard that you can use to quickly relevant stats about your current WK level.

Wanikani History

A page containing various graphs that show your WK review/level history.

Wanikani Items

A page that allows you to visualize the radicals/kanji/vocabulary you studied. Similar to WK Stats

Overview Dashboard

The Overview dashboard is a mash of all of the dashboard combined into a single page.

There are more pages for Anki and BunPro that I did not post above, so you will have to get check those our for yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope some people find this page useful. It would make my day to see some screenshots of it with other peoples’ stats down below :bar_chart:



Edit: (2022-05-22)
v0.10.3 has been released

  • Bug fixes to many charts for users with WK Resets (still more bug fixing needed)
  • Added progress bar to loading screen


Big thanks you to @UInt2048 for reporting and sending me an api key to test with.

Edit: (2022-05-23)
v0.10.5 has been released

  • More Bug fixes to WK Review History and Level progress charts
  • Better image caching for quick load times

Edit: (2022-09-10)
v0.14.3 has been released


Summary of all changes between 0.10.5 to 0.14.3

  • Added Wanikani Stages History chart
  • Added Wanikani Lesson History Chart
  • MANY bug fixes
  • Better usability for things like tooltips (basically making them less annoying)
  • Lots of code maintenance and fixes

Edit: (2022-11-13)
v0.17.0 has been released


Summary of all changes between 0.14.3 to 0.17.0

  • BIG data fetching changes to make loading less annoying
  • Added some BunPro graphs
  • Other small bug fixes


I really like the dark mode of the website, you’ve made it look pretty nice! I really like how you’ve done the review history and accuracy graphs.
Your review count and accuracy definitely look more consistent than mine! :rofl:


The site looks great. I especially like the accuracy graph and the total items graph. :grin:

If I may suggest one feature related to the initial loading time. Maybe you could add a progress bar. I think I’m nearing 100000 total reviews currently so any extension loading review data can take a while to load, and a progress bar would quickly show that the loading isn’t stuck.


Thanks for putting this together! The site looks awesome!

I’m seconding the appreciation for the review accuracy and total items graphs. I don’t think any other tools have offered visualization for this kind of data before, so it’s cool to see!

You can really see the benefit of consistency with mine. My first few levels were done very sporadically and inconsistently, and my review accuracy was all over the board. As soon as I started doing a consistent number of lessons each day, and timing them according to the first couple apprentice stages, my accuracy shot way up.

It has gone down over time as more and more items have entered circulation, but I’m still doing better than I was at the very beginning with the easiest levels, haha.


Thank you. Yeah, I’m only on level 24 and its sometimes feels a bit sluggish when I sign on a new PC. I’ll add that idea to the open issues.

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Interested in the “Bunpro” option too :smiley:

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This site has its interesting bits such as visual appeal and ability to look at review history as a breakdown of radical/kanji/vocab, but [Web App] WaniKani History + Timemachine still will provide excellent competition.

Keep up the good work… congrats on finally presenting it to the Community!


I love stats.
Having a look at it right now.

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Congrats on the move, and it looks very useful, thank you for sharing it


For some reason, the review history for me won’t show all days when set to all (only going back to 5 February 2021)

In addition, I just leveled up to 39 less than an hour ago, but it’s acting like I’m still on 38.

Edit: Opened #140 and #141 on your GitHub

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I have never done a Reset in WK and didn’t really code for that. I would imagine there are a handful of bugs related to that. Thanks for taking the time to open the issues on Github. I’ll try to take a look at them this week.

Also, I did know about the existence Wanikani History. I’ll definitely have to check it out.


How does your WaniKani API service store its data? If it’s similar enough to the Open Framework, we could try to adapt & integrate my projections userscript to your site. I’d love to see it on a site, maybe with a cool graph…

@saraqael This offer is still open to you too :wink:


It is stored in the browser’s indexedDB as key/value pairs. I’m using a library called localForage since the native indexed DB browser api is a bit hard to work.

I’m storing all of the data from wanikani’s api in its raw format so would imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to retro fit that script into a page on Nihongo Stats.

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Would you be interested in doing this? I can provide assistance with debugging or providing the data in a more usable format than immediate HTML output, but I haven’t worked with all the extra stuff like localForage, etc.

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Sure yeah, I can handle the data storage and React portion. I created an issue on the Github page.

Instead of HTML if it could just output a JSON array with the projections for each level, it would be pretty easy to leverage a Material UI Table to display that data

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its really cool !

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Looks good! It seems to hate me for resetting, though.

Seems like when you’ve completed a level twice, it’ll overlap the times it took you to complete any given level. Additionally, when you reset, it’ll consider every day since the reset to be an additional day you’ve taken on the level you were prior to resetting (I probably only spent 2 months or so on level 43 before I got back into Wanikani and reset my level)

That said, the interface looks wonderful, and it seems like an invaluable tool for tracking progress!

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Cool site
The bunpro section doesnt seem to have been created yet but the rest seems useful

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Yeah, I didn’t take Resets into consideration when coding the many graphs.
A bug has already been reported, and I will work on squashing some bugs related to Resets.

I have never reset so if you (or anyone else with a reset) would be willing to send me a read only api key i could use for testing that would awesome.

There’s some read-only API keys with resets publicly available in the WK History thread.

I’ll just quote mine and @jprsjsalkfdlasjd (which has a reset but zero lessons or reviews ever)