What are your favorite Wanikani compatible resources?

What are your favorite Wanikani compatible resources? I’ve been using Bunpro which has been helpful for my grammar learning, but I want to know what else is out there. To be fair, I don’t know anything about scripts so feel free to let me know your favorites, just use layman’s terms please. I’m most curious about API compatible websites. Thanks a bunch!

One thing you may want to check is this. Sections 3 and 7 are relevant to your query. Section 3 lists WK compatible web sites. Section 7 is a commented description of some of the most useful scripts.

You may also be interested in this. This is a list of API and third-party apps. There is a section on WK compatible web sites.


Wkstats. Pretty graph and statistics to track your Wanikani progress.

Satori Reader

Great resources for high beginner/low intermediate to practice reading, at the time when true native contents is still a bit too difficult but . With a WK key it puts furigana only on kanji not yet learn in WK.

Kamesame! I use it for vocab not on Wanikani.

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Torii - free desktop and / or android app for vocab. It has a WK mode, which goes over a deck of 10k most common words, while excluding the vocab already taught on WK.

WK vocab can already help a lot during reading, so Torii’s kana-only vocab deck can also be a very good thing to focus on.

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I really like floflo.moe! It gives you vocabulary list from books, with words sorted in their list of first appearance. The site will remember which words you learned already (including those from WK) and won’t show them.
After you’ve used it a bit, the number of unknown words will also be an accurate estimate of how much effort reading a specific book will be for you.
Sadly the development of the website is in indefinite hiatus as the developer burned out… :cry: Still a great tool to use while it’s still around!


Seconded! :durtle_love: