[Web] WaniKani Custom - The WaniKani SRS system but with your custom words and vocabulary

WaniKani Custom



  • Custom decks and cards.
  • Automatic text to speech with a choice of lifelike voices.
  • WaniKani style SRS review system.
  • Choice of testing on English, Japanese or both.


  • Is it free? Yes, but I may add a donation button at some point.
  • Why does it need my WK Personal Access Token? I don’t want to store any sensitive details, this seemed like a good alternative for authentication.
  • I am not hearing any sound, what should I do? You probably need to enable autoplay for the website. If you can’t find the setting then please contact me and I will be happy to help.
  • I found a bug, what should I do? Please contact me.

Plans for the future

I am working on a lot of projects at the moment so I don’t have any immediate plans for new features. If enough people find this useful then I would like to develop an entirely new API first version.


Anything else

I hope you have fun using this, I would be more than happy to answer any questions!


Does this actually integrate with WaniKani in any way or is it just SRS for whatever you want?

I doesn’t integrate with WaniKani apart from to authenticate. The SRS uses the same spacing and levels. There is also the same input conversion and a similar UI. I made it because I wanted a WaniKani experiance but with vocab I learnt from other sources.

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Looks really nice so far @Oshawk. Are you ready for some feature requests? :laughing:

  1. Be able to review a card as soon as it’s added to the deck (actually more like a “lesson” step than a “review” step)
  2. Be able to change the timestamps to my own time zone instead of UTC
  3. Be able to upload a CSV file with cards instead of entering them one-by-one.

#3 on the list would be the highest priority for me.

For now, I am waiting for 4 hours to see the first reviews, but I will definitely check back in later today.

Added all three features :smile:


Hahaha… great! Thanks for that. I especially like how the audio auto-plays. I will add some more cards with csv soon.

I really like wanikani’s SRS system so I love this app!
@Oshawk, are you ready for some more feature requests?

  1. It’s very annoying when I accidentally press enter more than I need to and get marked wrong on the next question. Please add a feature where if you didn’t put anything in the text box, you wouldn’t be able to submit it.
  2. Also, the UI could use some improvement… The page looks kinda- blank during reviews.
  3. The possibility of being able to add more than one correct answer sounds very nice.

#3 on the list would be the highest priority for me.

Okay, I have implemented 1 and 3.

You can use 3 by putting a ‘//’ (this converts to ‘・・’ for Japanese) between the answers.

With regards to number 2, I quite like the UI as it is… minimalism was the intention. There will probably be no UI changes until I release a proper new version.


Exactly what I needed, why have I never come across this before lol
Yeah the UI is kinda blank, but I can get behind that :smiley:
Thank you so much!

I am very glad that you find it useful.

Thank you very much!
I can deal with the minimalistic UI because the rest of the features are great!