[Web] WaniKani Custom - The WaniKani SRS system but with your custom words and vocabulary

Thank you! I will add your suggestion to the list of things I will try to add when I get around to making version 2 :slight_smile:

Perfect. I am importing all my Anki decks to this. I love the minimalism.

One question: It sometimes lags when I input an answer. Is that due to the wanakana script running from unpkg.com?

Thank you so much for your effort.

tysm,i love this and i use it all the time.

hi. no issued other than chrome saying its not a secure connection. i think certificate is not valid or something.

Great idea this website! Thanks !

Looks like my certificate expired. I have regenerated it so you shouldn’t get any more errors.

No problem. I’m glad it’s useful.

just what I’ve been looking for! awesome
notifications would be cool but I know that’s not a quick thing to add.

This is exactly what I needed! Do you have any intentions to make this into a simple mobile app? I rarely review vocab on my computer. I feel like having a handy app on the phone is much easier to use for vocab reviews!

Hi @Oshawk is there a way to move cards between decks?

Have just added this. You should be able go “Add Cards > Edit > Deck > Save”.

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:open_mouth: didn’t expect it to be added that quick! thank you so much!

Thanks so much for this! This is super helpful. I just wanted to report a bug where if you put in な as a card in the Japanese section, you get a Server Error 500. Thanks!

I think I’ve fixed the issue. Feel free to check : )

Brilliant. Thanks so much!

This is exactly what I was looking for, I needed something to easily compile specifics words (in my case, every word with double “じ” or “し” sounds, that look a lot like each other when considering 15 or 20 at once…). Thanks a bunch !

I’ve been using this for months now, and all of a sudden I’m trying to type the respective Japanese answer and it’s not automatically converting.


I know it’s not my keyboard settings (I think) because I’m not having the same issue with wanikani.

Have I broken something? I’ve used the same deck and cards before without issue, so I know I haven’t accidentally loaded the CSV with the wrong columns :sweat_smile: that was my first assumption.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? No idea what I’ve potentially done wrong or how to fix it.


Thank you for reporting this. It was a problem with the website, not you. Should be fixed now. You may need to force reload (SHIFT + F5).

thank you so much! also super special thank you for making such an awesome platform

What is a Personal Access Token?
(Sorry if this is silly.)

Presumably your API v2 token from the Wanikani settings