[Web] WaniKani Custom - The WaniKani SRS system but with your custom words and vocabulary

Thank you! I will add your suggestion to the list of things I will try to add when I get around to making version 2 :slight_smile:

Perfect. I am importing all my Anki decks to this. I love the minimalism.

One question: It sometimes lags when I input an answer. Is that due to the wanakana script running from unpkg.com?

Thank you so much for your effort.

tysm,i love this and i use it all the time.

hi. no issued other than chrome saying its not a secure connection. i think certificate is not valid or something.

Great idea this website! Thanks !

Looks like my certificate expired. I have regenerated it so you shouldn’t get any more errors.

No problem. I’m glad it’s useful.

just what I’ve been looking for! awesome
notifications would be cool but I know that’s not a quick thing to add.

This is exactly what I needed! Do you have any intentions to make this into a simple mobile app? I rarely review vocab on my computer. I feel like having a handy app on the phone is much easier to use for vocab reviews!