Recommendations for level 60 returner (reset? Etc)

I’ve remembered a lot but forgotten a lot too. Is it good to reset? Sorry for brevity… gotta go. Will check later.


What about focusing on input now instead of loading up on more SRS? Even if you’ve forgotten a lot I feel like it would be worth it.


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I focus on reading and pick up vocabularies, as well as Kanji, here and there.

You should also know there are some Kanji and a lot of vocabularies not in WaniKani as well.

Either [Web] WaniKani Custom - The WaniKani SRS system but with your custom words and vocabulary or - Web & Apps SRS Study Platform look nice, if you don’t want to use Anki.


As been mentioned, it’s possible to learn from other sources than SRS and you’re probably ready for that now.

BUT if you insist on doing reviewing on WK, then I suggest primarily using the Self-Study Quiz and The Item Inspector scripts to do some refreshing.

You don’t really have to reset to review items again (including burnt ones). :eyes:

It’s also possible to unburn items and put them back into the SRS. If you want to unburn more than a couple of items, there’s the Burn Manager script to help you manage it.

I’d go for any of these option before resetting from lv 60.

And most of all, start reading, watching, listening and gaming - anything that catches your interest is good really, and learn in a more organic way going forward.

Good luck!


I suggest reading some material, and don’t skip kanji you forgot. Search it up and learn it again. Go on wanikani and resurrect whatever you don’t remember or feel is weak in your head. You don’t need to go through all of WK again, WK is a crutch, you need to move on from it eventually and do more to learn the langauge

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I reset to 0 after reaching 60.

I would personally not suggest resetting to the very beginning, but maybe level 30.

I’m thinking about skipping the vocab so I can just get through the kanji again - as the vocab can be a bit of a slog. For me the vocab was more to cement the readings - which I’m pretty confident on now. I’ve always been of the opinion that vocab meanings will only fully stick once I actually start using the words in practical applications.

I like having Wanikani ticking over in the background and it only takes up a small amount of time at the speed I’m doing it this time round.

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I returned after two years some weeks ago.
Reset? NO!
I still had 2000+ reviews: Restarting revealed that I remember more than expected.
Being already at 60: Think about reading while still using WK as a tool.

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