Learning Japanese to play JRPG's, am I wasting time using WK?

An idea is commonly used words aren’t enough. Unless the word list is manually made, it depends on how frequently list is made (segmentation). Words aren’t necessarily enough to understand compound words, nor phrases. It also depends on context. And another thing is yeah, sources just vary.

WaniKani has a differently idea (although it does have some compromise to the idea above). Instead of studying by frequency (of a Kanji), we study by Kanji complexity (and building up of radicals) instead.

It is true as well, that is possible to infer meaning (and reading) of compound Kanji words, by Kanji; especially if such words are relatively rare. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be hard to look up on time

It’s totally possible to study vocabularies you’ve found yourself, by relying more on Kanji building up, rather than frequency. WaniKani is quite an established by method, so maybe something that applies the idea? I am doing this in Anki. Not sure if WaniKani Custom works well - haven’t tried myself. There may be simpler methods I haven’t realized yet.