Wanikani Override Userscript 1.1.2 ("Ignore Answer" Button) [No longer supported]

The ignore answer button was gone for me too after I updated to macOS Sierra - which probably updated Safari as well.

Updating TamperMonkey from their website did the trick for me and I have the button back.

jdduarte said...Updating TamperMonkey from their website did the trick for me and I have the button back.
 Thanks. Never think I would have to update the monkey.

Safari 10.0 / MacAir 11 / OS X El Capitan 10.11.6
TamperMonkey 4.2.5291

I had decided not to get this one, but when 二 appeared for my burn review and I was a bit to fast ending up typing の instead of に and hitting enter before I realized that i shifted one to the right when typing, thus failing, there was no way around it, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Just fixed the script to work with FF57 and Greasemonkey 4

You may want to also cross-post this to the thread for the ‘active’ version of this script:

The thought crossed my mind. However they’re no longer the same script. I’d
have to look into that script and replicate the same changes.

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Out of curiosity (and if it’s relatively simple to summarize), what was required to make it compatible with FF57/GM4? I haven’t looked into GM4 issues yet.

Not much, just changing a couple of instructions that are no longer
supported (GM_addstyle) and change the way you access events, because GM4
doesn’t allow direct access anymore (something related to their new
security approach). It doesn’t affect other monkeys as far as I know, for
now… However it may need further changes in the future as they are
gradually removing backwards compatibility.

I can send the changes I’ve made, but not now, because I’m typing from the

Thanks for the fix! you’re a champ!

You are awesome , thanks.