Let us follow up with right answer

First-time user here, trying to be patient with “come back later” given that I’ve studied quite a bit on my own and wanna get to the STUFF(!). Anyway, a reflection after my first “radicals” quiz:

What I didn’t remember was just which word to type, “slope” or “slide.” I knew that if I got it wrong, the other would be the correct answer.

It would be great if after getting the red bar indicating a wrong answer, I could somehow follow up with the right one, without being told what the right answer is. (If there’s a way, the GUI just wasn’t yet clear for me.)

I’m convinced that it’s pedagogically better to be able to follow up with the desired answer after a first try bounces. Of course, it may just be a matter of ego rather than pedagogy…

WK doesn’t automatically tell you what the right answer is when you get something wrong. You have to click a button to open the item details, so just don’t click it.

If you can really use it to your benefit and not fool yourself, it’s probably wise to install the Override Script:

It adds a button to ignore wrong answers. Pretty neat when you answer “slope” instead of “slide” and stuff like that (as far as I’m concerned, they’re the same thing and worthy of ignoring).


And also, if you use the reorder script you should get the same item instantly if used right: Wanikani Reorder Ultimate [old version, not working]

Just remember to use the ignore script responsibly =)
I like to use it if I said “one” instead of “ground”, since it IS one, but is used as ground as a radical, but don’t use ignore if I made a “nin” vs “jin” error on the person kanji on a vocabulary.


Once you get onto the reviews the item you get wrong comes up again; I think after about 3 bad attempts it shows you the answer.

If you want an ignore script, I suggest using the Double-Check script over the Override script: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/35063-wanikani-double-check

Double-check allows you to mark a correct answer as wrong (or a wrong answer as correct) and to retype an answer in case you got a typo but want to make sure you know the correct answer anyway. The Override script doesn’t do either.

Thanks, all! I’ve installed a couple scripts based on your recommendations. But must of course wait 4 hours before I can actually see them at work.

I don’t really understand what the complaint is. The system does not tell you the answer until you check yourself or get it right.

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@Leebo: As I admitted, I’m new :honeybee:. But my impression was I had to hit “return” to submit my first guess (“slope”). When I saw the red bar behind my answer, I realized it must have wanted “slide” instead (not because it was telling me, but because I had already felt it was a toss-up between the two words) – but I couldn’t find where to immediately re-enter a replacement answer. The only way forward, as far as I could tell, involved having WaniKani scold me with “SLIDE, doh!” :roll_eyes: which is what I already knew it would be (if it wasn’t “slope”).

Now, maybe you all know how to back up and try again without having the script supply the correct answer. But I was not yet seeing how; I couldn’t find how to navigate the GUI to show “now that you’ve told me it wasn’t X let me immediately type in Y instead”). (And I’m not getting answers wrong enough to play around much with what happens if I try this or that, and I’m not getting more than a few minutes in every few hours because of the “go away” thing. Hence my coming to the forum…)

Then again, @Leebo, maybe you personally don’t mind having the correct answer coming at you as soon as you “check yourself”? But I’d love to have a two-stage process: tell me if my first impulse is right, and then IF NOT, don’t yet put the correct answer on my screen, but give me a chance to fix it myself and then re-submit. As I said, it may be ego, but I feel I’m on more solid pedagogical ground when I supply the correction myself in response to a nudge.

If you get an item wrong, nothing is forcing you to check what it means. You can guess again. Someone mentioned that after a certain amount of times it does automatically display the answer, but it doesn’t sound like you were complaining about something like that. In other words, it does not tell you “the answer was slide” if you enter “slope” the first time, which is I why I’m confused.

If it worked the way you’re suggesting, no one would ever get anything wrong more than once in the same session.

BTW, by “check yourself” I meant… intentionally go check the answer. Check on your own. Check without being told.

Quick tip regarding ‘slope’ and ‘slide’. A slope is straight (think math!), and a slide is… well… curvy at the end!

Good luck!

When you get it wrong, you can just press enter to move on without checking the answer. You won’t get to try again right away (except rarely by chance), but this is how you continue without seeing the correct answer.

Of course you shouldn’t use the Double Check script to retry in this case because you don’t want to “undo” your incorrect answer.

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