A script for fixing/retrying wrong answer


Hi guys, I was wondering if there is a script for wanikani which ignores wrong input answer and allows user to retry with another one. Like it is the case in kaniwani.

I am asking for this bcz I usually get my reviews wrong due to a miss-typing. :frowning:


There is one for the iPhone app AlliCrab, which is super useful as I feel I make more mistakes typing on my phone. As far as browser based scripts, I’m not too sure.


nop. I’m an Android user. :proud emoji:




If you use the app for android, you can ignore wrong answers. There are lots of useful userscripts you can install if you’re on a computer, but I don’t think there’s a good way of using those on mobile.

The link @Nofaith replied with is one of those userscripts, but that won’t work on mobile as far as I know.


i’m using the same app. :smiley:


Then you can click the little cross after entering an incorrect answer, and the item will appear again, ignoring the incorrect answer.


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