[Unsupported] Leech training script

The script is here: __WaniKani Leech Trainer.

The script will put together a lesson of 10 leeches. It will exclude any leech that is too recent (less than 24 hours since the last review), or too old (less than half the time between reviews remaining), or already trained. Any trained leech that is subsequently reviewed incorrectly goes back in the pool.

This is more of less what it looks like (this animation is slightly out of date):

Every leech is repeated 3 times in the lesson. To clear a leech you must get it right each time. Furthermore, the lesson will include up to 3 items related to the leech. You must get those right too in order to clear the leech.

Leech training data is stored on the server-side. So you can switch browsers or computers without losing track of your progress.

As always bug reports and suggestions for improvements welcome. Enjoy!

PS This script steals heavily from the awesome __https://community.wanikani.com/t/userscript-self-study-quiz-edition-with-listening-quiz/13191__ If you haven’t installed that script you should go ahead and do it now.


Thanks for the tag, I appreciate you letting me know. But I don’t know that this will be much use to me if it doesn’t test both reading and meaning. I’ll probably just use my modified version of self study until @rfindley updates self study to be pluggable (and hopefully then you’ll just plug into his new version with your list of leeches).

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No worries. @seanblue.

Edit: I updated the script. It now does both meanings and readings.

@seanblue 7/28 (25%) of my leeches are due to mistakes with meaning. What’s your ratio like? (See https://wanikanitools-golang.curiousattemptbunny.com/leeches)

106/133 (80%) of my leeches are from meaning.

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I love this script! 90% of my leeches are readings, so it works great for me. I was doing this manually, but the script helps so much. Thank you @hitechbunny !

Just one note though, this script seems to mess with the Ultimate Timeline script. When I am running the Leech Training script, the Ultimate Timeline script creates a space to display on the page, but the timeline doesn’t show up.

Glad you like it. This script should have no interaction with the Ultimate Timeline script, @sgtowns. :crossed_fingers:

It accepts any of the readings as valid answers now. I updated the OP.

@hitechbunny: Thanks for the script!

This script does seem to interfere with the Ultimate Timeline, at least in Chrome. I’m getting the same behavior as @sgtowns.

Thanks for the confirmation, @BobaGakusei. I’ll see if I can reproduce the problem.

I uploaded a new version that does both readings and meanings (whichever is worst). I updated the OP. FYI @seanblue.


@sgtowns @BobaGakusei I’ve uploaded a fix to the script. Thanks for the report!

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It supports user-added meaning synonyms too now.


Please, enough with the FYI

Can you explain? You don’t like the term “FYI”? Or you don’t like that I replied to them with an update? Or you find the @mention redundant? I’m not sure what the issue is.

Thanks! I can confirm the updated script works with the timeline now.

I’m not certain about the issue at hand, but one thing you might want to refrain from is double-posting. (You had 4 posts in a row!) I’m glad that you’re making good progress, but posting in this way can be perceived as spammy. I would recommend combining posts, if possible.


Not for me. :confused:

Here’s a screenshot if it’s of any help
Proof that genau is a user synonym:


Edit: now it’s fixed!


You seem to say FYI in every other post, that’s not how it’s supposed to be used.

Any plans to have it support both meaning and reading at the same time? If tracking item state between questions is a pain, maybe ask them at the same time on the same screen?


Thanks a lot for this useful script. I’m stuck on level 3 for ten days 'cos of stupid leeches (and the fact that I’ve also a real life, maybe) and your work shall probably shorten my pain.
I wonder, but your script seems not to accept as correct answers my own synonyms ? If not, that would be a very useful help for non-native-english speakers (as I am). All my synonyms are in french.

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