What's your worst leech?

What’s helped for me with 人数 is, instead of the Sue I usually use for 数 mnemonics, I started using Zeus instead. So in this case, Zeus is counting people, his worshipers. Sue has no reason to count people. Zeus does, because he gains power from the amount of people worshiping him.

I dunno if this will help, but it turned from one of my bigger leeches to one of my stronger mnemonics.

My worst leech is apparently 八日, and I believe it. I can never remember if it’s よう or よっ and I always mess it up at the worst time.


I am sorry as I have no idea, but what is leech in WK terminology? Thanks!


Currently mine is 事情. Again with the abstraction.

I apparently cannot remember the meaning of 転ぶ, which is surprising to me, because although I often get it wrong, I would have thought any of the expectation/anticipation vocab words would be further up on my list.


This is exactly why 四日 is currently sitting at the top of my list. Though, until my morning review session today it was 入所 which is now sitting right above 入場 because I can’t for the life of me keep those sorted.


In a nutshell, a “leech” is an item on Wanikani that you keep getting wrong. I assume they are named that way because they constantly leech away from your accuracy percentage.

You can try these two third party apps if you want: SRS Level Progress to monitor your leeches, and Leech Trainer to actively practice them.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Derp, I somehow responded to the wrong comment :face_with_hand_over_mouth: This is directed at @dpicardal


They’re not leeches as far as recognizing them, but when it comes to writing them by hand… oh boy…


I just encountered all this level 14 vocabulary about wishes, desires, requests, and hopes and I think I’m going to lose my mind! I’m about to be covered in hungry leeches!


I separated them like this -

8 is the bigger number, so 八日 sounds kinda slow and fat, therefore it is ようか (youka) with the longer vowel length. Or, 8 has two small o’s in it, therefore it has a Japanese double-o sound. 4 is smaller, faster, and snappier, therefore 四日 is よっか (yokka). Snap those k’s!


Is that a script? If so can you tell me which one?

Download stylus extension and look for wanikani dark breeze^^

LOL I could imagine 一つ being my worst leech as well.

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Someone was talking about pairs or groups of items that they always confuse…

総合 =/= 統合

Someday I’ll get them both out of apprentice…


I’m still new, but I just could NOT get 力 through my head! Every time it came up, I would get upset, because I knew that I didn’t know it, despite studying it so hard, both in the SRS method and in the cramming method. I might lose it a little if I meet a person irl whose name is Ricky, lol.

You should remember りょく instead for now. Of WK’s 26 vocab that use 力, 23 use りょく, 2 use りき, and 1 is the vocab word ちから.

If you have some familiarity with the WWE (N64 FTW), you can use The Rock (or the Ryock) and Rikishi (which means sumo wrestler, one of those 2 りき vocab words) as your mnemonics. It may work better than imagining some random dude named Ricky.


下がる apparently is my current worst. But for a long time it was 大きい and 大きさ. Then there were all those transitivity pairs, and recently 写す and 写る gave me a lot of trouble :slightly_smiling_face:


for the life of me, I can never remember that 見える means “can see”, not “to show.”

It’s frustrating to have something constantly at Apprentice I and literally never progress because I somehow forget its meaning between the four hours that I reviewed it last. :joy::sob:


I remember that one by remembering that causative verbs (to make someone X) generally end in (sa)seru.

Please note that Miseru is not the causative form of to see.
But the fact that it has “seru” at the end is my mnemonic - I’ll make someone see! -> I’ll show them! -> to show.

(I also use this for remembering “mataseru” = to make someone wait)

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Might as well revive this one, figuring i’ve got some silly stupid leeches right now.

My single most embarrassing leech is 先生. you know, one of the most used loanwords in english from Japanese? i keep confusing it for 先年, which just makes me sad.

I also keep running on autopilot and mis-type 四月 as either: しげつ or よんがつ.

Both make me feel absolutely pitifully stupid.


公用 is the absolute worst. I am already grinding my teeth when I see it, because I just - know - I will f*ck it up again. I will never ever remember the translation… never.
You can keep me at gunpoint and ask and I will scream, “Public something… thing… action… whatever!!”

Oh yes, and 医学. I - always - hit enter after typing “medical studies” just to scream, “No, wait!! I meant medical science!!”