How much effort do people put in?

One or two hours a day is usually sufficient. It’s more about discipline than effort IMO. Gotta keep moving forward or you start moving back.


I keep it up almost all day. If I get 10+ reviews waiting I do them right away, if it isn’t 10 I feel like I just cheat my way through it… don’t ask how it just doesn’t feel right. I also do my reviews as soon as I wake up, and I check my phone at work pretty much hourly. honestly I wish there was a 2 hour and a 4 hour SRS level as well just so I can do my new stuff more times in a day without having to use the Self Study Quiz script.

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Wait to get into a higher level (At level 5, things start to really warm up). Eventually, you’ll have thousands of reviews learned on Wanikani, which means that you’ll be reviewing quite frequently. I’d say 100 reviews+/day is pretty close to happen to you :slight_smile:

Also, this might be of your interest:


I use KaniWani as well because its reverse version definitely helps with retention. Not enough, but the occasional login to blow through reviews and lessons.

I know I will get swamped eventually, but I learn best through high repetition. Seeing something 3 times the day you learn it unfortunately never seems to be enough, so it takes me a bit longer to level than average it seems due to constantly failing things until my mind can recall them properly. Be nice if there was an optional “high repetition” option that unlocks 2 additional SRS levels with short timers on them just for people like me who need to pound out things more times than others to remember.

Oh well, maybe one day xD


I’ve been having similar thoughts - like I would LOVE the ability to adjust the SRS frequency just a little. I know there are sciencey reasons behind the current timing, but everyone’s brain doesn’t work exactly the same.


Maybe check this script, as it tests you on items you get wrong frequently. It stills helps me a lot with dealing with harder items :slight_smile:

Warning: it’s unsupported at the moment.


I usually only get one or two sessions per day. Full time job + fatherhood + home remodeling = no time. Before bed I get a chance, and before work if I can get my ass out of bed early.


I have the leech trainer. I think its more effective at higher levels because the most leeches I have had at one time in 4 and that usually doesn’t seem to help me because I end up just repeating the same thing a couple times instead of recalling and switching around. I intentionally put some of the ones I had higher up down to test out the script at higher numbers (managed a 7 leech test that way) and it was definitely better since it tossed in non leeches as well and there were enough to keep me from repeating the same one over and over again back to back.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll reach your level some day xD

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Thanks - I do use the Leech trainer and it does help. Damn, some of those leeches are tenacious. Now if only there was some kind of rule/pattern for にん or じん with 人 readings :confounded:


from my limited experience with it, it seems to just be something that sounds right… maybe I watch too much anime xD

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I haven’t had any “leeches” yet, I’m assuming they’re more of a pain at a higher level when the only thing to distinguish 2 kanji with a similar reading and/or meaning is a single radical in a multi-radical kanji with many strokes. I’m pretty fastidious about lessons though which makes my progress slow but my accuracy is high so I don’t particularly mind. I write down every kanji, it’s meanings and readings. Every single one. Vocab is particularly slow because I use the practice sentences to practice the grammar I’m working on elsewhere. I study about 4-5 hours a day around a full time job. Lucky I don’t have kids :S

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I like to do all my reviews as soon as I get them, to the point that I set alarms to wake me up in the middle of the night and do them.

oh my… that profile background is the most adorable thing…


I KNOW!!! I just added it today because @Glias posted it in the poll thread and I couldn’t resist.


I go on once a day, sometimes skip a day. If my reviews jump up to even above fifty, I’m okay with it. I enjoy using WK (however saying this from the stand point of a user who still a very low level). WK gives me a good challenge :slight_smile:

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I’m generally a “why do I have a notification on my phone, it must go!” Kinda guy so I’m on the app (almost never use the site itself) any time I see a review. I’m on level three’s vocab now after almost a month of using WK, but I’m also currently somewhat obsessive about Japanese, of which WK is but a part, so it may not be conceivable for everyone to do what I’m doing, or even for me long term.

Long term I’m hoping to look at least 3 times a day as any number of reviews over 40 kinda bothers me, it just feels like a schlog and I get messy, which I know someone above also mentioned. From what I can tell just work on it a few times a day and you’ll be fine.

I review once a day… Usually. I don’t mind skipping a day or two. I can get through 600 reviews in just over an hour, so it’s not so bad.


Which app are you using?

there is an official WaniKani app on the Google Playstore.

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