Tracking leeches and adding new ones to SRS

Hey guys,

I started making a Anki deck based on the leeches I encountered in Wanikani.
I’m using this site to check them.
I was just wondering how you keep track of new leeches and how you would point them out.

Thanks in advance

Could try looking at one of these:

What are leeches? Is the reason I can’t see them that I still have a free acount?

It’s (sort of) unofficial term for items that you just can’t seem to get right - and therefore ends up being reviewed many times. If you accumulate too many, it increases your reviews by …quite a lot, potentially. This article is not about Japanese, but it’s still applicable.

WK doesn’t officially have anything to track or identify leeches, try checking out the scripts? I’m not sure if they work with free accounts.

thank you for the links. I mostly use wk on my phone so I can’t apply the scripts. do know of another way to point out new leeches?

Maybe you could try these? This one is an actual webpage you go to, vice using a script, so maybe that’ll work.

Also, someone else in the community once suggested this:

ok thank you. I’ll try it this way :slight_smile:

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