The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

Should still be working fine.

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yes, sorry. you are correct of course. It works fine, needed to reload a few times.
Just missing the functionality I was looking for, wanted to see what my exact next lessons were. but it shows all kanji, radicals and vocab I am expected to get, not the order.
but great script nonetheless!

I remember I was working on ordering based on feedback someone provided in the script post, but I don’t remember what we settled on or if I implemented it… Will check later.

Has anyone’s scripts been playing up lately? Using Chrome and Tampermonkey. It takes a bunch of refreshes to get my scripts to load in reviews, for instance.


I used to have a script installed that showed me the breakdown of srs levels in my reviews, but I cannot remember what it was called and I can’t find it. It was in the top right hand corner like on the screenshot below. Does anyone know what it’s called?

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I think that’s from SRS Reorder Buttons.

The original script doesn’t work anymore, but the breakdown is replicated here

And I have a similar script that displays it slightly differently


Hehe, Kumirei’s right. That display is from my userscript. I broke off the functionality into a standalone script that just displays that element. The latest update to the reorder buttons script removed the UI entirely, which is likely why it disappeared recently for you.

I realize making announcements in my thread alone may not be enough given people probably don’t follow that thread. I’ll look into some in-page way of letting users know of breaking changes in the future :thinking:


What should be done about this thread? Should it remain as the userscript hub (since it’s linked everywhere and is already formatted), or should we migrate to the post-update userscripts thread? What’s going to happen when more of the website gets updated and more scripts break? Userscripts were an integral part of me completing WaniKani, but the second-rate treatment and support they get is rather frustrating, especially since the burden to keep these things updated falls on us users.


We should keep this thread, but update the sections as needed. No changes were made to the dashboard, for example, so there’s no need to change that section


Hey everyone,

I’m studying Wanikani on my smartphone using Jakeipuu but two days ago the entire app broke. Reinstalling, changing API token did nothing. It’s not registering the results anymore.

Is the app no longer being maintained ? If so, I have to move to Durtle, but their layout isn’t the best and I can’t choose what to study (radical Kanji or vocabulary) or is there an unmentioned amp I could try ?

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I am not entirely sure about jakeipuu, but I vaguely recall reading somewhere else that it has been unmaintained for a while.

I think you can select what to study in the durtles app, it is just burried in the lesson settings somewhere, but only on a global basis. For instance, you could say I want each lesson to be as many radicals as possible, 1 kanji and 4 pieces of vocab. The most supported android app is currently smouldering durtles.

Jakeipuu unfortunately hasn’t been maintained for over a year and is not open-source, so likely dead for good. It’s not out yet and won’t be for a little while, but I’ve been working on an app that’s similar to Jakeipuu for the past few months, see my post here if you’d like: Hakubun - Cross-Platform App for Wanikani (Upcoming)

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Is there a script/userstyle to revamp Lessons page as a dashboard with everything straight before my eyes?
Tabs are slow and annoying to skip through.

I rewrote the Japanese Prompts Userscript originally created by @hoovard from scratch using the event logic by @Harald1 to be as simple as possible and work for extra-studies, lessons and reviews.


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The prompt should say 漢字の読み方 right? (At least that’s what the English says.)
Because you’re not always asked the on reading, some kanji require you to enter the kun reading.

It changes automatically between 音読み and 訓読み, based on what’s required.


Oh I see, that’s very neat! :+1:

This link doesn’t seem to work? @Kumirei did you delete that script?

Link seems to be working now (I didn’t do anything)

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It doesn’t work for me, tho, this is as far as I get when I click on the link: