The 0/0 Streak Challenge

レベル: 三十五


Last achieved in May 2020 on Level 45 :rofl: :turtle:


Level 19. On pace to finish level 30 before the end of the year!


I think it’s time for me to move on from the 0/0 streak! This is good news though.

I’ve been sticking to 10 lessons a day flat for the last month and I’m doing much better on my reviews lately. Probably moved from 75-80% correct to about 87.5%-92.5%. This pace is kind of slow, but it does set me on track to finish WaniKani in April of 2023ish, and I think the gains I would receive normally from doing a lot of reviews sporadically is balanced out from the consistency I have now.

I think the consistency is also helping me, compared to how I used to do lessons. I would normally plow through 60ish vocab terms in an afternoon just to rush to the radicals and kanji.

This would cause me to not remember many of those vocab terms, missing them multiple times in a row. Then they would stay in Apprentice for a week, two or even a month, rather than 4ish days.

Eventually this adds up and I would be doing 350+ reviews a day because my apprentice count would be around 200 and guru around 900. Which causes me to rush through the reviews, missing more terms, which then adds to the guru and apprentice stacks, which means more reviews, rinse and repeat until I hit burnout and get behind on reviews which slows my progression.

Now I have about 100-225 reviews a day depending on how many higher level ones come in, and I think it’s much more manageable.

Unfortunately this means that I will likely not hit 0/0 as much anymore, it’s just not gonna work out mathematically.

Don’t get me wrong, this thread has been extremely helpful for me. There were many times I would feel lazy and not want to get my lessons in around the 10-20 levels. The desire to get my 0/0 in for that level was the push I needed a few times.

I’ve attached a visualization of my reviews over the past 13 months. You can really see in that November December 2021 section how burned out I was getting. The darker the box, the more reviews I would be doing. The white outlined boxes are a level up day. I would recommend trying 10 lessons a day if you are having a similar issue.

I went a bit overkill on this post, but I thought if this advice could help someone it would be worth it.

Good luck everyone, I hope we all make it!


I lied, one last thing. This is a similar visual but shows lessons instead. I think this one is even more telling for how much the 10 lessons a day system has worked for me.


Wow, that matches almost perfectly with my experience. I started late December 2020, and had a few periods of burnout (June, October, November).

Since mid-November, I’ve been doing 7 lessons a day pretty regularly. Doing more lessons would be easy, but the reviews that would create would take up way too much time. I have less than 100 review most days which is manageable for me.

Although I’m not set on getting 0/0 every level, I have been able to get 0/0 the last few levels. Re-ordering the lessons so the kanji are done last, and sometimes doing a few extra lessons on radical day, is all it takes. For my pace that cuts it pretty close. but I like that because I never have any days without lessons.

My advice to newcomers: I think it’s okay to rush through the first few (5-10) levels, but after 2-3 months of that pace most people will burn out. Unless you’re one of those people with way more time and energy than me, at some point you’ll want to find a steady pace and stick to it.


Checking in for level 5, now on a 5 level streak.
Rushed through my vocab lessons just before my kanji reviews came up, below the wire this time!


level 3 streak 3


streak 11!

if i miss even one kanji review, it’ll put me a couple days back. otherwise, i level up on wed lunchtime.


How do you get to see those graphs in your dashboard? Is it some kind of mod?


Finally at 0/0 after a few months of being level 60 (procrastinated doing the vocab of the last few levels)

Time to start keeping it at 0/0 again :melting_face:


Yes, it is some kind of mod! There are tons of them. Find them on this thread: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

Here are some popular ones I’ve seen recently:

Dashboard Cockpit:

Ultimate Timeline:


Besides dashboards, I’d also recommend Double Check, which lets you re-type an answer if you made a typo.



Phew… got one in for level 7… thought that was never going to happen




…I don’t think I’m doing it right. :sob:

But at least I do my reviews almost every day. Some weekends I have a tad too much to drink and only do ~50 reviews, but I’m still doing over 100 every day that I’ve the brain for it, usually doing all the reviews.

It’s still a bit cursed. Even now, before doing the reviews… I’m going to get 106 on Monday. By the time Monday arrives, it’ll be more. And that’s why I’m not doing more lessons; it’s like no matter how diligently I work on my reviews, there’s always more.


it’s been a loooong time since I got here. And if I’m being honest I never thought it would come so soon and that makes me incredibly happy. I’m reaching a full year on wk and I’m only lvl 8 qq but this is good news for me. I want to make it to lvl 10 before I’ve completed the full year. And I’m almost to 9 so things are looking up!


keep up the good work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Level 29, streak 29

I slowed down after passing N1 but there’s still so many basic kanjis I don’t know, there’s no time to rest :laughing: Also I started learning Chinese because my coworker speaks Mandarin and it’s really fun! (though I can’t pronounce anything correctly haha)


I really like the lesson progress bars you have (where the pink is shaded based on apprentice types.) any chance you could share the link to the script?


So i was feeling really unmotivated to do reviews and lessons last few weeks but finally decided to clean all this mess and it’s done now! Although i have now 437 apprentice items, so i still have some work to do. I even broke record of revievs in one day: i’ve done 837 of them! and also i’ve done 194 lessons today, which is also a record