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Yesterday I studied a bit and then had to work till late, so I was pretty worn out. I wanted to finish off the 10 pages that I’m still missing of last week’s section of the Saikawa&Moe book that we’re reading with a small group, but then the Orange thread popped up, and so I thought I should maybe just download the manga to my phone in case I have some spare time, and then after the download Bookwalker kindly opened it, and then… I don’t know what happened really, but 20 pages in I looked up and thought “It’s really not bad, that manga” :rofl:

So it seems like I just added another book to the reading pile :roll_eyes:

London Bookstore talk

Thanks, noted! When I worked in London, the company was based in Moorgate and later Aldgate, so I know the eastern parts pretty well actually (setting aside reconstruction of course - did they finish this centerlink (?) by now anyway?), but I never had much reason to get to Soho or even further west. Will change that when the opportunity comes up again :+1:


Oh no! Get better soon!


No way, how did I miss this?! I was just there in May, I literally passed that street… I’ll have to plan a lil trip once I have more time. Thanks for the tip :cat2:


Oh hey, I started reading this series mainly because of Borx (too?), hehe. I really like this series, just too bad I found 4-koma manga exhausting to read back then when I started reading it, especially coupled with the lack of furigana. Finished the first volume in December 2020. Have been sporadically peeking at the second volume, but not even reached 40% yet. Btw, you might notice the further you read, there’s usually a new “chapter” every 12 pages, when there’s a bigger drawing in the bottom half of the page ^^

Like this


:herb: Home post :herb:

Jul 2

I think I’m done with reading for today, so I’m posting a bit early.

Today was a FukaBoku day. I read pages 14-38 of vol.2 thus finishing the first chapter of the volume and the 7th chapter of the series. I took my time with it, so even though it was difficult in places, I had a great time :smiling_face:


It seems that the actual numbers of pages vary, but they might really be practical section breaks.


:tangerine: :books: July 2 :books: :tangerine:
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Orange :tangerine: page 20 → 22 (3 pages)

I have friends coming over any minute, so I quickly updated my home post and did this update. Pretty happy I managed to squeeze in even 3 pages when the baking I did took a little more than an hour, and I thought maybe it would take like 40 mins.

Ah well, we’ll eat good, and I still managed to read a few pages. But I didn’t have time to update vocab sheet for Orange, nor ask my questions there. There is time tomorrow, thankfully! :smiley:


:sunflower: DAY 2 :sunflower:

I read all of chapter 9 in 海辺のカフカ - Kafka on the Shore :beach_umbrella: (Advanced Book Club) .

It’s as I hoped! This chapter went muuuuuch quicker. Also things just got really interesting :eyes: Excuse me now, as I head to the bookclub to read what everyone’s had to say…


Having seen that image, I am putting this book on my “read next” list!


I was SO EXCITED for this reading challenge and then missed the boat on the first day :grimacing: Our neighbors started celebrating July 4th a little early and I was so exhausted when the fireworks finally stopped I just passed out :sleeping: WHOOPS! But I’m jumping in today! I’m really going to challenge myself to grow in my reading this summer :sunny: :books: :heart:

I’ll be starting with Crystal Hunters Volume 1 in beginner Japanese (not to be confused with the Native Japanese version that is still too hard…). I’m about threeish chapter in already but I definitely haven’t made it priority so I’m going to start from the beginning today!

01❌ 02🗡 03🗡
04🗡 05🗡 06🗡 07🗡 08💕 09🔥 10📧
11😭 12🤷🏻‍♀️ 13❌ 14❌ 15✅ 16🕷 17👊🏻
18🫶🏻 19🫶🏻 20🫶🏻 21😨 22✌🏻 23📚 24🧐
25🗿 26❓ 27❓ 28❓ 29🧙‍♂️ 30📄 31🧪
01 02 03 04 05 06 07
08 09 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31

July 1st


146 - end (~200)

And another one bites the dust :sunglasses:

Steely Dan is introduced! I love his music but he’s such an asshole character


Read 12 more pages of よつばと! this morning (am now on p. 30). I am finding it a lot of fun. I sometimes teach a course on literature about childhood and am wondering if it’s worth giving them the option of reading this (in English) as one of their texts.

I also watched Our Little Sister last night and was overwhelmed by how wonderful it was; cried approximately every 10 minutes and put うみまちdiary, upon which it is based, into my Amazon cart. Not sure I’ll be able to read it anytime soon, though; has anyone tried it?


Third time now, thanks so much for hosting again! I noticed my reading ability improved a lot after the Winter and Spring reading challenges, and I’m looking to improve even more this time! Goals for this time:
-Finish my first ever LN (このすば)
-Finish 6 volumes of manga

August 6th Update: Finished the LN and 6 volumes of manga, currently halfway through my 7th volume! The manga I read were ダンダダンvols 4-5, 葬送のフリーレンvols 1-3, and スパイファミリーvol 4. Looking to finish 4 more volumes of manga before August ends!

August 16th Update: Finished 5 more volumes of manga! Vols 5-6 of スパイファミリー and vols 9-11 of 化物語. Before August ends, I want to finish at least 3 more volumes, vols 1-3 of メイドインアビス!

01[ :white_check_mark:] 02[ :white_check_mark:] 03[ :white_check_mark:]
04[ :white_check_mark:] 05[ :white_check_mark:] 06[ :white_check_mark:] 07[ :white_check_mark:] 08[ :white_check_mark:] 09[ :white_check_mark:] 10[ :white_check_mark:]
11[ :white_check_mark:] 12[ :white_check_mark:] 13[ :white_check_mark:] 14[ :white_check_mark:] 15[ :white_check_mark:] 16[ :white_check_mark:] 17[ :white_check_mark:]
18[ :white_check_mark:] 19[ :white_check_mark:] 20[ :white_check_mark:] 21[ :white_check_mark: ] 22[ :white_check_mark: 23[ :white_check_mark:] 24[ :white_check_mark:]
25[ :white_check_mark:] 26[ :white_check_mark:] 27[ :white_check_mark:] 28[ :white_check_mark:] 29[ :white_check_mark:] 30[ :white_check_mark:] 31[ :white_check_mark:]
01[ :white_check_mark:] 02[ :white_check_mark:] 03[ :white_check_mark:] 04[ :white_check_mark:] 05[ :white_check_mark:] 06[ :white_check_mark:] 07[ :white_check_mark:]
08[ :white_check_mark:] 09[ :white_check_mark:] 10[ :white_check_mark:] 11[ :white_check_mark:] 12[ :white_check_mark:] 13[ :white_check_mark:] 14[ :white_check_mark:]
15[ :white_check_mark:] 16[ :white_check_mark:] 17[ :white_check_mark:] 18[ :white_check_mark:] 19[ :white_check_mark:] 20[ :white_check_mark:] 21[ :white_check_mark:]
22[ :white_check_mark:] 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31

If you keep up with this challenge, you can probably read コンビニ人間 a lot sooner than you think! (It’s not that hard and you can find a lot of help in the book clubs - there have been multiple: here and here.)


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220702 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

No Longer Tanuki Progress: 66.32%

I was gonna do a bit of reflection on progress at about 50% but I guess 66% is better than any. Probably less reflection and more jumbled thoughts.

Going into this I thought there’d be a ton of obscure kanji words that I’d have to pull out an equally obscure dictionary for… but it hasn’t been too bad. There are a lot of words I’ve never seen before but they’ve all been easy to find on Jisho or what have you (remembering them is a different story). The only things I’ve had to do some searching on is some weirdly katakana’d version of English words that seem to only exist in No Longer Human.

The grammar is hard though. I don’t think I get every sentence fully, a lot of them I have to reread several times before I can make even a scrap of sense, and other times it suddenly dawns on me that I understood something wrong five sentences ago; line after line of non-stop kanjikanjikanji and I question exactly why I’m doing this.

Either way, I think my reading speed has increased since I started, so at least there’s that.

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


滑稽「こっけい」ー Comical; humorous
工夫 「くふう」ー Devising a way; figuring out; contriving; working out
破目「はめ」ー Awkward situation; a bind; a mess; difficult situation (also seen as: 羽目)
絶縁「ぜつえん」ー Breaking off relations; disconnection
天下晴れて「てんかはれて」ー Proper; legal
色魔「しきま」ー Seducer; player; someone who uses people for sex
アマチュア ー Amateur
糞度胸「くそどきょう」ー Daredevil courage; foolhardiness [Excrement courage ?? :laughing:]
襤褸「ぼろ」ー Scrap; rag; tattered clothes
無二「むに」ー Peerless; unparalleled; unequalled

触らぬ神に祟りなし - the spirit you do not approach will not curse you​; if you don’t get involved with a [thing] then it won’t cause disaster.
Similar to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ or ‘wake not a sleeping lion’.


July 1 and 2
Hello summer readers! :sun_with_face:

I finally have a moment to spend some time thinking about this challenge. I was preoccupied at the end of June through July 1 because I was preparing for my MEXT scholarship interview with the consulate! :scream:

I practiced and prepped as best I could, but I still feel like the end result was only just okay. Trying to process all my emotions in advance in case of disappointing news later in the week :sweat_smile:

But now that that’s out of the way, I can actually focus on my goal for this American holiday weekend — reading!

I need to finsih adding vocab for chapter 73 of Haikyuu, and I put Majou no Takkyuubin next to me on the couch so I can start chapter 3.

Hope everyone is having a good start to July.


June 2nd!

Today I started reading Volume 3 of Happiness, and read Chapter 11. I’m really enjoying this series now. I wasn’t sure about it for the first few chapters and nearly quit, but I’m really glad I didn’t now since its gotten really interesting.
I also read the next chapter of Teasing Master Takagi-san. I’ve lost track of the chapter numbers in this series, but it was Volume 7, chapter 3. It was a really sweet story :slight_smile:

I have the JLPT tomorrow so I’m not sure if I’ll have much time to read. Is it cheating to count the reading section of the test as my reading tomorrow if I can’t squeeze in anything else? :thinking:

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Good luck! I’d say the reading portion of the JLPT counts double.


Goals :dart:

  • Read from manga, books or games
  • Read One Piece
  • Read Flying Witch vol 1-2
  • Read Nagatoro vol 1-3
  • Read Kindaichi vol 1-4
  • Read Zenitendo vol 2-3
  • Read Yoru Cafe vol 2-3
  • Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special vol 4
  • Read Hero Avan vol 5

Progress :paw_prints:

July :sunny:


Days Completed (31/31)

August :lady_beetle:


Days completed (31/31)

September :butterfly:


Days completed (30/30)

Reading Material :books:


ふるいんぐうぃっち 1
ふるいんぐうぃっち 2


ふしぎ駄菓子屋銭天堂 2
ふしぎ駄菓子屋銭天堂 3


イジらないで、長瀞さん 1
イジらないで、長瀞さん 2
イジらないで、長瀞さん 3


夜カフェ 2
夜カフェ 3


金田一少年の事件簿 FILE 1
金田一少年の事件簿 FILE 2
金田一少年の事件簿 FILE 3
金田一少年の事件簿 FILE 4


しろくまカフェ Today’s Special 4

ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険 勇者アバンと獄炎の魔王

ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険 勇者アバンと獄炎の魔王 5



Updates :speech_balloon:


Sep 30 - Read One Piece ch43-44
Sep 29 - Read One Piece ch42
Sep 28 - Read One Piece ch36-41
Sep 27 - Read One Piece ch31-35
Sep 26 - Read One Piece ch27-30
Sep 25 - Read One Piece ch23-26
Sep 24 - Read One Piece ch22
Sep 23 - Read One Piece ch18-21
Sep 22 - Read One Piece ch16-17
Sep 21 - Read One Piece ch14-15
Sep 20 - Read One Piece ch11-13
Sep 19 - Read One Piece ch9-10
Sep 18 - Read One Piece ch8
Sep 17 - Read One Piece ch3-7
Sep 16 - Read Hero Avan ch20
Sep 15 - Read Hero Avan ch19
Sep 14 - Read Hero Avan ch18
Sep 13 - Read Hero Avan ch17
Sep 12 - Read Hero Avan ch17
Sep 11 - Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special ch67-69
Sep 10 - Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special ch64-66
Sep 9 - Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special ch63
Sep 8 - Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special ch62
Sep 7 - Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special ch61
Sep 6 - Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special ch60
Sep 5 - Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special ch59
Sep 4 - Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special ch56-58
Sep 3 - Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special ch55
Sep 2 - Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special ch53-54
Sep 1 - Read Polar Bear Cafe Today’s Special ch52


Aug 31 - Read One Piece ch2
Aug 30 - Read Zenitendo 3 epilogue
Aug 29 - Read Zenitendo 3 ch6
Aug 28 - Read Zenitendo 3 ch5
Aug 27 - Read Zenitendo 3 ch5
Aug 26 - Read Zenitendo 3 ch4
Aug 25 - Read Zenitendo 3 ch3
Aug 24 - Read Zenitendo 3 ch2
Aug 23 - Read Zenitendo 3 ch1
Aug 22 - Read Zenitendo 3 prologue
Aug 21 - Read Kindaichi File 4 ch7-10
Aug 20 - Read Kindaichi File 4 ch3-6
Aug 19 - Read Kindaichi File 4 ch1-2
Aug 18 - Read Kindaichi File 3 ch6-10
Aug 17 - Read Kindacihi File 3 ch4-5
Aug 16 - Read Kindaichi File 3 ch3
Aug 15 - Read Kindaichi File 3 ch1-2
Aug 14 - Read Kindaichi File 2 ch8-11
Aug 13 - Read Kindaichi File 2 ch6-7
Aug 12 - Read Kindaichi File 2 ch3-5
Aug 11 - Read Kindaichi File 2 ch2
Aug 10 - Read Kindaichi File 2 ch1
Aug 9 - Read Kindachi File 1 ch3-6
Aug 8 - Read Kindaichi File 1 ch2
Aug 7 - Read Kindaichi File 1 ch1
Aug 6 - Read Yoru Cafe 3 ch9-10
Aug 5 - Read おいしいコーヒーのいれ方 (manga) ch1
Aug 4 - Read Yoru cafe 3 ch8
Aug 3 - Read Hokkaido Gals ch1
Aug 2 - Read Yoru Cafe 3 ch7
Aug 1 - Read Yoru Cafe 3 ch6


Jul 31 - Read Yoru Cafe 3 ch4-5
Jul 30 - Read Nagatoro ch22-23
Jul 29 - Read Nagatoro ch21 | Yoru Cafe 3 ch3
Jul 28 - Read Nagatoro ch20 | Yoru Cafe 3 ch2
Jul 27 - Read Nagatoro ch19 | Yoru Cafe 3 ch1
Jul 26 - Read Nagatoro ch17-18
Jul 25 - Read Nagatoro ch15-16
Jul 24 - Read Nagatoro extra ch3 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch12
Jul 23 - Read Nagatoro extra ch2 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch11
Jul 22 - Read Nagatoro ch14 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch10
Jul 21 - Read Nagatoro ch13
Jul 20 - Read Nagatoro extra ch1 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch9
Jul 19 - Read Nagatoro ch11-12 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch8
Jul 18 - Read Nagatoro ch9-10 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch7
Jul 17 - Read Nagatoro ch8 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch6
Jul 16 - Read Nagatoro ch7 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch5
Jul 15 - Read Nagatoro ch6 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch4
Jul 14 - Read Nagatoro ch5 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch3
Jul 13 - Read Nagatoro ch4 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch2
Jul 12 - Read Nagatoro ch3 | Yoru Cafe 2 ch1
Jul 11 - Read One Piece ch1 | Nagatoro ch1-2
Jul 10 - Read Zenitendo 2 ch2
Jul 9 - Read Flying Witch ch12
Jul 8 - Read Flying Witch ch11 | Read Zenitendo 2 ch5
Jul 7 - Read Flying Witch ch10 | Read Zenitendo 2 ch4
Jul 6 - Read Flying Witch ch9 | Read Zenitendo 2 ch3
Jul 5 - Read Flying Witch ch8 | Read Zenitendo 2 ch2
Jul 4 - Read Flying Witch ch7 | Read Zenitendo 2 ch1
Jul 3 - Read Flying Witch ch6
Jul 2 - Read Flying Witch ch5
Jul 1 - Read Flying Witch ch4


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Week 1

July 2
Final Fantasy 7: 1h 15m.