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October 2nd.

I think I’ve just reached the part of Tugumi that @omk3 referred to as a “page-turner” - after battling a bit with the start of the chapter it’s going more smoothly and I could easily read on, but it’s 11pm. Read 4 pages and will continue tomorrow.

I also read this week’s reading for 耳をすませば. I only read thoroughly for the first few pages so will need to go back over it but got the gist. I find the language a bit difficult in places but it’s generally easy reading.

I couldn’t get into Spy Family today so will try again tomorrow.


Oct 2

かがみの孤城 43% → 44%

Just reading a few pages while waiting to board my flight. Posting now because I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have service, but I may read more later.


:books: :video_game: :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: October 1

Starting off slow, hopefully I can get into a good rythm soon. Read a little Spice & Wolf (7% → 8%). At this point I don’t think I can catch up with the Advanced Bookclub but at least I can follow the discussions.


:fallen_leaf: Day 2, 2nd of October :maple_leaf:

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Today I read chapter 4 of Chi’s Sweet Home.

Chi wants to go home, but she keeps getting distracted! Meanwhile, the mother of the boy who found her is trying to find someone that can take Chi, but nobody is allowed to keep pets…

I learned that 中々not only means “very” but also “not easily”. Something to put into my WaniKani synonyms mayhaps? It certainly stumped me before I looked it up. Apparently it’s not an easy adverb to use with negation, so here is a link if anyone wants to read up on it.


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Autumn Onsen :hotsprings: :raccoon:

20221002 - 吾輩は狸である progress: 39.93% :mouse_trap:

Wagahai-cat goes into great detail as to why sleep and rest is very important to hardworking cats like himself, but he is worried that the humans will no longer want him around if he just sleeps all day. So he has decided, he will finally catch a mouse and prove his worth.

:fallen_leaf: Japanese found under the leaves :fallen_leaf:


多感「たかん」ー Sensitive; susceptible; emotional
多恨 「たこん」ー Many regrets; much sadness/resentment
俚耳「りじ」ー Ears of the public
猛虎「もうこ」ー Fierce tiger
鴻雁「こうがん」ー Wild geese

器械 = 機械「きかい」(Machine)
理窟 = 理屈「りくつ」(Logic; reason)


October 2nd!

I read chapter 11 of Orange today.
The chapter takes place on October 1st, so I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t read it yesterday since that would have been a fun coincidence!

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October 2

69 - 123


Read almost 8000 characters to finish off this week’s Loopers chapter. Still so many gaps in my memory for kanji that I looked up and go “oh yeah of course it’s that.” I think I could sit and figure some out slowly, but by the time I’ve been reading a few thousand characters my brain gets increasingly unwilling to devote much time to the ones that don’t come quickly. The reading was all pretty understandable with lookups, so I don’t think I can complain all that much. I think I might give myself til halfway through the challenge or something, then see how I feel about possibly reintroducing a little SRS.

Anyway the reading was nice enough. This VN is kinda just coasting at “decent enough” level for me, but it’s pretty good practice and I don’t dislike it. I feel bad for some of the club members every time I have to tell them we have a new longest chapter though, heh.


Main Post

Had posted the main post to keep track of everything yesterday. Also read some one piece chapters so I added those in immediately. Today I read some more, finishing volume 6 over the weekend, so an update post was in place I feel. Looking ahead that was a good place to stop as the second part of the Baratie arc is coming up.

My goal for next week is to see if I can get through this arc and for the challenge to go through East Blue. I’m not entirely sure when the free reading period ends, but at this pace I should be good to go. It is funny I was a bit worried about whether I would still make my year goal of reading 50 volumes worth of manga, but with one piece I’ll probably cap it soon. Of course I also have other reading material I wanna get through, notably The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Junji Ito’s Cat Diary. The former is already on my bedstand ready and all, the latter is still in seal waiting to be opened. I thought it might be nice for around halloween.

Once in a while I might also talk about the games I played. Haven’t played much of Dragon Quest X Offline lately, but I managed to play some today on my switch. I’m also still playing Dragon Quest IX on 3ds, although that’s in english. It definitely helps knowing some DQ, cause I already know the general combat system. I still read the system messages and tutorials, but not having to piece it all together by yourself means I can just mostly enjoy my time and focus on the story. There is an option to use furigana in dialogue. I found it too tiny and close to the upper end of the dialogue box that I just turned it off and haven’t looked back. Story dialogue is voiced and there is a message log of dialogue, system and battle I can rollback. As I hadn’t played in a while, the recap comes in handy as well. Still very early on as just finished my first errand after I picked a vocation and tribe. I like it even if it’s not great to look at here and there. If there’s anything I’m disliking it’s that every door needs to be opened with a button and there’s a small loading time (which isn’t in the online version).

As for Persona 4 Golden, I’ll still play it from time to time. Just a lower priority at the moment. I find that one to be at a good challenge level. Again it helps I’m familiar with the game and the series, filters out a lot of stuff I don’t need to worry about.

Anyway I’ll post some updates like this once in a while. I’ll see you there!


Day 2 : Started the first Harry Potter book today, never read them in English or seen the movies so should be fun. Surprised how much I understand so far , tried reading it about 6 months ago and didn’t have a clue what was going on, think this will be my main reading for the challenge.


02 October 2022

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  • Chainsaw Man (Chapter 13 - 14)

Does anyone know the difference between 魔人 and 悪魔 ? They use the two terms interchangeably from as far as I can tell, but I’ve been registering one as referring to the factual type of creature they are (魔人) versus a more blasphemous, fiendish reference (悪魔).


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・ 本好きの下剋上 11 (19% → 20%)

Today didn’t go according to keikaku (a case of low blood pressure), but at least I got a tiny amount of reading done.


October 2 :heavy_check_mark: :mag:

十角館の殺人, 90%-end :tada:

Finished the book! I’ll have to gather my thoughts a bit before I can say what I thought of the book. It’s pretty late here :sleeping: But very brief summary: I enjoyed the ride much more than the ending. Parts of it I had guessed, and parts of it felt farfetched. There was some needless recounting of events at the end, and still some questions left unanswered. But all in all, a very fun read (especially with a club!). I did enjoy it way more than any Agatha Christie I’ve read, at least.


Today I didn’t have much time to read. I finished chapter 10 of the Monobeno visual novel and read two more pages of Shin Kanzen Master Reading N1.


october 2 :fallen_leaf: home post

Decided to start reading 田中くんはいつもけだるげ today. I watched the anime for it way back when it came out but had mostly forgotten about it.

I also finished up the first section of 時のオカリナ. So next I’ll either continue reading the second section, or I’ll read the side story that’s between sections first. I might just skip the side story for now since I feel like reading it now would be weird, pacing/tone wise. And besides, it was at the end of the original edition anyway. So I’m thinking of reading it after I’m done with the rest of the book.


On October the 2nd I’ve read:

A few pages of the final story of わんわん探偵団
Some more 二ノ国


Tried to read Jujutsu Kaisen and that manga/anime gives me literal brainrot. I feel with every attempt to understand a each speech bubble my brain degrades and becomes smoother and smoother. Its not a dumb story, I just have an incredibly difficult time trying to understand it. UGH. Strangely enough doing my jpdb flashcards gave me some confidence back but HOLY MOTHER OF GARY!


Summary Post

Day 2: October 2nd
What did I read?: 夜の名前を呼んで
How much did I read?: 32 pages
How long did it take me?: 30 min

Some ~actual~ reading today :joy:
Amazon recommended me this manga and I bought it because the cover was beautiful :star_struck: Honestly so happy to have the physical version of this manga, it’s so pretty, the title page is this beautiful sparkly black night-sky paper and I just :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The premise of the story is that there’s this little girl, Mira, who turns everything into night when she gets anxious. She’s living in this magical little cottage in the woods with a magician man, Rei, who seems to be trying to help her with this condition. But he’s like the cutest, sweetest gentleman ever, I love him so much >< He’s so casually magic, I love his shoes, and he has such pretty hair, like ugh, bye, I love him ><
/me chaotically gushing over this manga man except I’m totally gonna gush more later, I can feel it
He’s cute, she’s adorable, they’re so wholesome together, I love this so far
Please enjoy this precious picture of the two of them from the back cover


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Current Reading Streak: 103 days (as of 12/31)

Hello! I am new to the forums but have been a wanikani/natively user for a little over a year. I have been looking to start doing more reading recently, and this seemed like a good opportunity to start! Joining a little late, but I have already been reading every day for a few weeks now.

I will also be keeping track of my readings over on my Natively profile.

My goals for this challenge are to finish reading all 15 volumes of よつばと!and move on to a harder series (I am also doing the level+1 challenge with series on natively, so I will be moving on to a level 19 after. Probably しろくまカフェ). Also just in general I’d like to have fun while doing this! I’m not focusing too much on sentence mining unless words/grammar seem particularly important, and if I don’t understand something entirely but get the general vibe I’m trying to just move on quickly instead of digging.

Currently reading:
Manga: ホリミヤ 6 (goal is at least 1 ch per day)
Textbook: 新完全マスタ 日本語能力試験N3 (trying to do a few pages per day, but we’ll see)

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:fallen_leaf::maple_leaf: October 2 :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf: home post link🏡

Read two short stories today. First one was 何を飲みますか?, and the second one was . Both are level 0 books on Tadoku. The simplicity of the books has me wondering if I should move on to harder books on the website lol! I’ll need to dig around on the website and see what other kinds of books are on there.