Re Zero Volume 9 week 5

Re Zero Volume 9 Week 5

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Start Date: October 27, 2020
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Week 5 Reading: End of chapter 5, page 250 (53 pages)

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Next week is up


Uh, that was ominous.
(Not really a spoiler but blurring anyway:)I still don’t really understand why the Witch is so fixated on some random high-school dropout with a bad attitude. If he is still better than the hordes of 魔女教徒 who are just throwing their love at her, I guess she really isn’t lucky with her relationships…


My personal pet theory is that Satella is just Emilia from another timeline (or maybe the future, since the return by death ability came from her after all) where Subaru also helped her out a lot but Subaru doesn’t remember her. That’s why she gave him the ability to return, so he can’t die.