Re Zero Volume 9 Week 2

Re Zero Volume 9 Week 2

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Start Date: October 5, 2020
Previous Chapter: Re Zero Volume 9 week 1
Next Chapter: coming soon

Week 2 Reading: End of chapter 2, page 105 (46 pages)

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Huh… weren’t you reading chapter 4 already @icefang97?

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oh! yeah that’s right. I just did it out of habits ha ha.

Three people already read that part.

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A 100% “I already read that part” is unheard of in the WaniKani book clubs. This should be deserving of a medal of some sort.


I don’t think everybody voted though :disappointed_relieved:


I was hoping we’d receive a medal before anyone noticed :cry:


We already have the medal for best book club soooo… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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This week spoiler

Well there was a lot of back and forth this week with lots of different things happening which kind of confused me. Lots of interaction too but it was a nice preparation scene for when the action will start. The scene with the villager was so nice.

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next week is up.
Re Zero Volume 9 week 3

So I have the same problem as last week I can’t change the OP because I can’t change the pole. I’m not touching the poll so I have no idea what the problem is. Any idea guys? I can’t modify the OP :sob:

Edit I can’t update the OP to put the link to the next week reading so here is my alternative. I will just said that this comment is the solution so it should go up.