Re Zero volume 9 week 4

Re Zero Volume 9 Week 4

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Start Date: October 19, 2020
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Next Chapter: Re Zero Volume 9 week 5

Week 4 Reading: End of chapter 5 part 4, page 196 (43 pages)

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The re zero poll is looking interesting again. :sweat_smile: I wonder where @Naphthalene stands this time… You were going for the 一気読み in the last week iirc?

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I’m in the process of reading the full 本好き series right now. I do not feel like reading anything else. At my current speed, it should take a bit more than one month, just in time for the latest volume. Once I’m caught up, I’ll probably catch up with the various book clubs.


This is getting exciting.

Some question and comment

1- I just want to make sure of something. Betelgeuse can take over a temporary contract between spirit but not a permanent one. This is why he was able to possess Subaru and hate spirit users right? He is a spirit that parasite another person’s body.

Julius with the power of rainbows !!! Just wanted to put it out here.
Betelgeuse is still alive ??? How do these spirits work? それは勤勉ですね。


Mind over matter? :brain:

As for your question, that’s how I understood it as well.

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So instead of the power of friendship it’s the power of love? It make more sense like that.

next week is up

I just realised something

Half the participant are in advance and the other half is late. This is a disparity I was not expecting


I suppose this means the speed is perfect? :eyes:


I was sure it was the opposite because it’s too slow for half the people and too fast for the other half

But the average–!

I’m only joking. ^^

The speed was good for me before, I’m just speeding up for anime related reasons. I may be reading too fast for myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: