Re Zero Volume 5 week 2

Re Zero Volume 5 Week 2

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Start Date: March 23, 2020
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Week 2 Reading: Till end of chapter 2 part 1

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I really like Felix. He really like teasing Subaru but at the same time know exactly what nerve to touch to make him angry. I also reading all those hidden にゃん I think Japanese is the only language that can integrate these kind of thing in their sentences without it seem out. In my opinion

This week spoiler

At the end of the scene where Felix was healing Subaru, Felix said that he will stop brainwashing. What was he trying to do? Was he trying to make Subaru like him? Tried to make Subaru stop practicing the sword? To bring Subaru to Crush’s side?


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It was a bit subtle, but Felix seems to know better what Subaru is afraid of. At least, it’s not related at all to wanting to bring him to Crusch’s side or entice him. If anything, it’s probably that Felix couldn’t care less about him. In any case, I think things will become more clear with time.