Re Zero Volume 9 week 3

Re Zero Volume 9 Week 3

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Start Date: October 12, 2020
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Week 3 Reading: End of chapter 3, page 152 (46 pages)

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Can somebody comment on this week so I remember what it was? :upside_down_face:

I’m half joking, and may look it up myself before the week is out. There’s just so much I wanted to talk about when I was reading… I should have taken notes. :joy:


Yes I love that character and I’m gonna redo these kind of things often. 私は勤勉なのデスから。


And you actually kind of answered my question. 勤勉デスね。 I think. :eyes:


I don’t know how but I glad me being weird helped out

I do that sometimes but then I forget that I had notes!

So this week ends on Julius and Subaru facing off against Betelgeuse, just before the fight starts. That was a really cool usage of ネクト as it was already explained as side info before when Julius connected with everyone to help them overcome the Ram illusion.


Ooh right, thanks. ^^ I expected ネクト to have some future relevance after it was explained so thoroughly, and then it turned out to be a pretty classic rivals teaming up set up. I do enjoy those, though. :smile: Their slowly evolving relationship (or rather Subaru’s changing heart :heart:) felt like it had reached its peak here. Beautiful. :smiley:


Poor otto. He really does not have it easy ha ha. Looking at the picture I find his hat to be strangely still perfectly placed even though he was carried upside down and his now on the ground. I must say that drawing is super nice.

On another note I must say it’s sad that the reaction of Betelgeuse was not like in the anime when he saw Felix.

Funny thing I saw. In the anime, Betelgeuse flies by sitting on his 魔手 but in the light novel, he actually throw himself. Then everyone sees him just flying in a crunch position.

just imagining what ネクト must feel is weird. Fighting with it must be awful Julius is getting up in my best character ranking. He even called Subaru his friend at the end. Bro moment.


Next week is up