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Re Zero Volume 9 Week 6

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Start Date: November 2, 2020
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Week 6 Reading: End of chapter 6, page 318 (62 pages)

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This week spoiler

The chapter with Rem was sooooooo cute. I love it. Last week chapter made my heart waver for Emilia but I’m happy this chapter brought my heart back to team Rem. I just loved that chapter so much.

Then we have no time to rest. Two bishop archbishop appear. 強欲 and 暴食. Funny the greed one does not seem greedy. I have I theory here. Sloth was diligent, greed seem not greedy(except for his right to speak) Subaru(if he his pride) is hating himself so except 暴食 they are all the opposite of their sins. Do I see a tendency or I missed something? Unless greed is greedy of knowledge or of the constitution? He really likes his right to speak. He seems to control either wind or he has another invisible power.

So many things happened and we just finished ARC 3. I have to say though, Felix is good to reattach Krush’s arm. Then the last scene. So much emotion.


During the meeting in part 2 Felix says:
I know he is insulting Subaru according to the next sentence. Not sure what he says though.
説得力= persuasiveness

“Subaru persuasive power is different right? (No idea something about experience guys?)”
I guess he means Subaru has no persuasive power of experience?

Thank you for your help


Here is the post reading discussion that I forgot to post last time

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Yeah, that discrepancy with the sins also came to mind as I was reading. Maybe we need to look at them from a certain perspective to understand?

I think the 2nd sentence is something like ‘is this what is meant by difference in experience’.

I wonder what the next sentence is. Is this 幕間2?


This is in the last chapter part 2. A few pages in and before the crying Felix picture I believe the answer was Krush asking felix to apologies

Greed was even humble, at least in appearance. If you think about how the witch cult worships Envy and detests every other witch, it makes sense that each of the archbishop detests the sin they’re responsible of by extension. I don’t know if this was ever explicitly stated? But it becomes more obvious when you see Greed and Gluttony.

Yeah pretty much “You’re not convincing at all, maybe that’s just the difference in experience between us and you.” I like how even this far in, Felis maintains the same overall opinion about Subaru. He’s a great character. I think he’s the closest to Subaru in terms of how he doesn’t think very highly of himself. That’s probably why Felis was the first to understand how Subaru was just striking a pose to justify his powerlessness way back in the start of arc 3. Felis is similar to Subaru in many ways.


Ooof, 62 pages. I was right on schedule until now, but I’m not sure I’ll have much time to read today.
Eh, at worst I’ll just be 20~30 pages behind schedule.