Re Zero Volume 6 week 5

Re Zero Volume 6 Week 5

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Start Date: June 9, 2020
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Week 5 Reading: Till end of chapter 4 part 6

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Time: Saturday 7 PM(Japan), 5AM(USA), 12PM Europe.(could change if needed)

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So… expect for @Jaiced and @Ditto20 we have read this part already. Interesting



I bought the next volume today.


I feel that some people can’t wait to read the next book. I do appreciate your investment but we shouldn’t put pressure on other to read faster.

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I’m not putting any pressure, I was just noticing that the current situation is funny.
I do not have the next book, so I’m absolutely fine waiting. Also it doesn’t feel nice to not be able to comment every week, since I don’t remember where each part ends. I’ll probably follow the schedule next time :woman_shrugging:


My dilemma


I just finished this week’s reading, so I can tell you where it finished: At the part shortly after Emilia died from the witch. Subaru had reached the cliff, encountering the witch cult, and then shortly after everyone was killed by Puck.

I think the most notable part of this week was the encounter between Subaru and Beatrice. She walked in on Subaru holding Emilia’s body in his arms and she immediately recognised Subaru’s expression “I am the most unluckiest guy in the world”. She also was able to tell Subaru didn’t kill Emilia himself. She definitely knows more than she’s letting on. Since earlier on in the series, she was able to recognise the witch’s smell on Subaru, means she probably knows that it was the witch’s doing with Emilia. The scene ended with her saying “お母様。あとどれだけ、ベティは”. Very mysterious.


Just wanted to note something I was surprised about. The novel has a lot of meaningful references to future characters right from the start, which the anime completely cut. And gotta say, it’s really amazing how this connects, and how far into the future the author is thinking. I’ve read a lot of things before, but Nagatsuki-sensei is one of my favorite authors in how he builds on everything that was foreshadowed in meaningful and unexpected ways.

There’s a character mentioned in as far back as volume 2 that hasn’t appeared yet, just to name one (I have it on good authority it will). And lots of situations that you know will just come back at a time you won’t expect (What’s up with アル mistaking レム for ラム a few weeks back and almost flipping for it? Why did the 白鯨 suddenly lose interest in Subaru? Why is Roswaal doing those weird plans that involve Subaru on some level? What about one of the girls disappearing after the ウルガルム incident?).

Note to self: Rethinking each sentence thrice while cross matching it to where we are in the week is not a lot of fun :joy:

Last thing, if you’ve finished this week. I still remember how this was put up in Japan advertising for episode 18 (the prev episode ended at the exact same place this week ends at):

(What do you know, I can actually read this now)

It was advertised as an episode that will have 7 extra minutes (and with no OP or ED), and it even aired without commercial breaks. (I feel I’m becoming the trivia-guy)


There is a lot of info about future stuff. I also remember that there was a maid who quitted 3 months(I believe) before Subaru came to the mansion. So many things are incoming. I never thought some of these details could be relevant.

I also like Nagatsuki-sensei writing style even if something it’s complex to follow for Japanese learners.

Concerning your comment @JaicedI also find Beatrice very mysterious. I’m surprised she came to see Emilia and not Ram. He did shout I believe. I guess Beatrice has some kind of connection to the witch. I also wonder why they did not hide into the library when the witch cult attacked. Beatrice can control which door lead to the library so I doubt they could have found her. So many question and still no answer


Well, not only that, but she appeared just before the incident as well. I assume she is the one who was controlling them by breaking their horn. We don’t know why, but I guess she’ll just show up again in due time.


next week is up

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I forgot to ask last week but when reading aloud we were wondering how to read 魔手. Is it まて or ましゅ。 I believed it was まて because it’s a hand that is magic but I don’t remember if theyr ever use furigana for it.

Thank you

I read it ましゅ, that’s also how my dictionary reads it. :thinking:

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Isn’t the meaning different though. ましゅ is for evil influence will the one I’m looking for was Betelgeuse’s black hand. Aren’t they different?

My dictionary literally just says 悪魔の手. I guess it can be a metaphor for evil influence as well, but I don’t know.

Beside the meaning, the reading would not be affected. It’s on+on (seems the most natural).


We only checked jisho etc for a second during the reading before we decided to move on and just ask here, haha. Jisho only lists ‘evil influence’ in it’s definitions, but looking into it again now - thanks for remembering @icefang97!
On goo it says 悪魔の手。心を惑わしたり危害を加えたりして人を破滅に導く手段をたとえていった語。「殺人鬼の魔手がのびる」
On kotobank: 悪魔の手。人を誘惑したり、危害を加えたりする手段をいう。魔の手。

So yeah, I suppose the literal ‘devil’s / magic hand’ should also work. And I see now you’ve been having a whole conversation in the meantime. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yay, recap.

Sometimes, especially with body parts/words containing body parts, it’s easy to expect the unexpected. ^^;


I may forget to post the next week by I remember questions. even if it was almost a week after