Re Zero Volume 5 week 3

Re Zero Volume 5 Week 3

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Start Date: March 30, 2020
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Week 3 Reading: Till end of chapter 3 part 2

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@icefang97, you forgot to vote. :wink:


Thx I forgot about it.

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Oops, I “forgot” to read last week.
Aka, I read almost two volumes of DanMachi instead :sweat_smile:
I’m going to catch up soon™ (I’ve been told that the next part is less interesting, so maybe I’ll feel like a change in one volume or so?)


Just casually almost read two volume of DanMachi. いいね、私もそんな」上手になりたいです。


You’ll feel it in this volume. Those starting parts are less interesting (honestly, from the prev volume) but important. But knowing you, yeah you can read them in one go :joy: (oh. “the next part” is not less interesting)


We are talking about the next part in DanMachi (volume 8), right?
I meant that I might take a break around volume 8 and come back to Re Zero (so in a week or so)
If it’s not less interesting, I’ll be back later… I guess?


Oh sorry haha, I thought you were talking about the ReZero parts. I understand now

If it’s not less interesting, I’ll be back later… I guess?

Try :eyes:


same. I was thinking that the next part was not that not interesting ha ha.


Haha, sorry about the confusion. I thought it was obvious from the fact that I just said I was binge reading DanMachi.
Not that it’s great literature (you probably can’t binge that), but it just flows. (Would be better without the fan service in the illustrations, but eh, I’ll leave). So, great entertainment value and it’s readily available for free from my local library. At first I thought, hey, I’ll just read one or two, see how it goes. Then, every time I return a volume, turns out the next one is available, so, since I’m here already, I might as well just pick it up. Then I inadvertently end up reading it, think “might as well return it”, and the cycle just goes on.


I seen the anime and I think the same as you. Good but the fan service is awful. I might have been reading it if I had not already too much unread book waiting.


This week reading was more slow paced but still really nice. Again some of these scenes were not in the anime or they really shorten.

This week spoilers

Rem is still the best girl and otto is now best bro. Someone needs to teach me that undrunk hand slap techniques. Damn he got back fast. Btw was I the only one not expecting that Rem was going to leave alone when Subaru felt sleepy because of the magic? I do feel bad for otto trading the metal for oil then get blocked at the border to finally found that metal has become precious goods. But then Subaru just being Subaru just throws him a bag full of money not even trying to negotiate. Remember when he successfully negotiated with Roswald to stay in the mansion by putting the responsibility on him then get him to acknowledge he own him one. He seemed smart at that time. Now I wonder where that ingéniousity has gone to.


I am still so fed up with Subaru, I wouldn’t call the reading nice! :joy: Just when I thought he was finally getting over himself he falls back into the same old way of thinking as soon as an ‘opportunity’ presents itself. I’m only up to the beginning of chapter 3 and not quite done with this week’s reading btw, so there is a slim possibility it will get nicer. :joy:

I did enjoy Rem leaving him behind, though knowing her it’s probably for his good, ungrateful waste of brain cells that he currently is. Also everyone else’s good… Well, except for the people at the 宿… Poor owner! :joy:


But that’s what makes it nice! Let that hate build inside of you :stuck_out_tongue:

Feels like everyone has a sensible mind except for him right now, kinda weird since he’s the MC. But I guess it also makes sense. If you’re a looser of a teenager with no knowledge or skill, just getting transported to another world doesn’t change who you are (unlike what many other Isekais show, and looks like Subaru has been watching quite a few in his old world). Especially when your new acquaintances are people who have earned their places in the world.
But ehhh, I don’t know, he got lucky and was able to produce some results in the past with his RbD… Maybe it’s right that he thinks he can do what others can’t? I don’t know.

It’ll be interesting seeing where this goes :slight_smile:


People really hates him. He’s maybe not my favorite MC but I don’t hate him either. I think next book is a EX novel so we could have a chance of stopping the dark side to take control of your hatred.


NO! You can’t stop before finishing volume 6 :joy: An EX novel would be perfect right after volume 6. Volumes 5 (especially from here on out) and 6 are the best in this arc and should be read together.

I love him. Let’s wait a bit.


SORRY!!! :sob: I have no idea when the EX volume should be read.


I’m not sure that’s the word I’d use - I just feel there’s a lot of opportunity for character growth hinted at (or, you know, practically knocking him over) that he just keeps ignoring and taking the easy way out. The easy way being staying stuck in old ways.

But @mrahhal raises a good point - that is who he’s been all his life. Depending on others, not taking responsibility etc. Still, I hope there’s a break point soon where he actually chooses to work on some uncomfortable, personal growth. There’s a limit to how much self pity I can stomach in one book (series)! :joy:

I hope I can agree with you that the 2nd half of book 5 and book 6 are great in a couple months, @mrahhal! :smiley: I’m perfectly comfortable leaving the order of the (Ex) books up to you, too, considering your expertise. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m honored :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah exactly what I’ve felt as well :ok_hand:

Oh, related to this, I like the chapter title “腐敗する精神”. It perfectly summarizes this.

I was writing something but then decided against it :sweat_smile: Let’s see where this goes.


It does, yeah! I do like all the chapter titles this time around. :slight_smile: