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Re Zero Volume 5 Week 7

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Start Date: April 27, 2020
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Finished this part in just 2 days. Might have been only one if I hadn’t started so late in the evening. I really liked how this one ended. :slight_smile:


I know!
And yet y’all are voting for a break between books? What kind of monsters are you?
怠惰! 怠惰 is all I see!


I just finished it today. I was doing today’s reading when I realized I had 5 pages left until the end. The last chapter was good. I was always reading a bit more to see how it goes. The story have pick up a nice pace. I like at the end when it says Their hand was connected but not their heart

Rem is still best girl btw.


That is mostly a habit I guess. To let time for people to catch up or buy the new book.



Wanted to talk a bit about this. (And to compensate for my sloth in the past!)


Petelgeuse took only 2 minutes of looking at Subaru before he could see into his heart (なぜ、アナタ、狂ったフリなどしているのデスか?). For all we know, it could be that Subaru wasn’t actually faking, but the difference in levels between real craziness and a mild momentary one is all Petelgeuse could see. Although, Subaru freaking out the moment Petelgeuse called it out so suddenly:

Screenshot from the anime

makes you think it was the ugly truth.

Makes you wonder a bit about Petelgeuse, he’s a really chilling character, I particularly like how he suddenly switches between normal and crazy.

For the first time, Subaru now has a clear enemy in a single person. Sometimes having a clear enemy can make you see straight, but this is the worst timing for that for Subaru. He still hasn’t solved a single problem in himself and he’s already being lost in yet another vortex of anger.

Screenshot from the anime

Another thing I wanted to point out, is Petelgeuse’s comment to Rem’s dead body just before leaving:


But as if to prove him wrong, Rem manages to tell him exactly that in her last breath (of course, she didn’t come back from the dead, that’s her 鬼 healing in play prolonging her life just enough). I really liked that.

To top it off too, some other beast appears in the mansion when he returns.
There’s a lot more to talk about it but that’s enough for now, sorry for the long comment!

How will he be able to face off against such an incomprehensible enemy? Stay tuned for the next volume! :joy:


Ohh, forgot one thing. This is an official picture that replaced the main one of the series in the websites of ReZero right after the episode relating to this last part of the volume aired:


I mean, by modern day standards, he would be diagnosed as crazy (well, not exactly since that’s not a scientific term, but you get the point). It doesn’t matter that it is his subconscient refusing to look at reality because of a trauma rather than a more biological cause. My view is more that Petelgeuse has some “high” standards for madness, and thus it looks half-cooked to him. After all, Subaru is aware of his environment even though he is repressing it.


Yes. I quite liked that this time, when it wasn’t just the same being repeated over and over again. (Or what felt like it) He’s working towards something, even if it still isn’t self betterment. At some point he’ll have to get there right…? :sweat_drops:

This seems reasonable to me, too. I definitely think Subaru will keep descending a bit further still in the next volume, anger doesn’t make for anything except a thin veneer after all.

Hm. I thought it might have been Pack, myself. Of course you know, but… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just a guess from someone without any knowledge beyond this point. I felt like what he ‘said’ as well as the fact that he’s a feline with ice powers (I think this was mentioned before - something about fire and ice, and some nickname Pack had based on his abilities)

Thanks for all the pictures and anime counterpoints, @mrahhal!

Yep. Also I was pretending I might focus on something not book club related for a change, but so far I haven’t managed to decide on a book. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought the same too. In fact, I didn’t even realize it was (supposed to be?) unclear :sweat_smile: But it’s true that it’s never explicitly stated. Still, that’s pretty much 100% sure.

It also made me wonder why something like that didn’t happen in volume 1 when Emilia died next to Subaru. But at the same time, it was night so he was “sleeping”, and in any case it seems to take a while to happen, so Subaru may have been actually dead and reset by the time it was going to be.


Yeah, at least he’s got a new purpose. His anger for Peltegeuse will actually save many lives, if he manages to kill him.

Also, as usual that period of time between dying and coming back to life being vague and mysterious as hell. It described Subaru having these intense emotions, and the witch taking a shadow form, and then embracing Subaru to console him like she understood what he’s going through. From her touch alone, it brought about feelings of great joy. I think this would have helped alot (at least in the short term) with Subaru’s mental wellbeing.


I have to be extra safe :sweat_smile: I think this 2nd time it’s supposed to be clear that Puck matches the description, but the 1st time when he dies in the mansion (in the same way, freezing to death) it wasn’t (“You’re too late”).


I think it was stated every time that those intense feelings disappear almost immediately after this happens, and what remains is just a vague sense of having experienced something intense. So Subaru almost directly forgets after they happen. That’s interesting.


The post reading discussion is up