Re Zero Volume 6 week 7

Re Zero Volume 6 Week 7

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Start Date: June 23, 2020
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For this week reading I was super into it.


The moment between Rem and Subaru was so good that I put some sad background music then started reading aloud with voice and everything. Then he said he loved Emilia and I lost it. All my mood, the tension, the emotion VANISHED IN ONE GO. I was so into it I forgot that was going to happen and was taken aback. It was also a moment I was able to read so easily too everyone went smoothly :sob: WHY!!! WHY!!!

Other than my ship sinking I found the negotiation scene hard to read especially after the smooth part just before. Subaru became cool and became a true protagonist. All because of Rem but no, he wants Emilia :sob: (Sorry my heart still can’t take it)

Just some info:
I will wait for the end of the polls before posting the after discussion week and other info about the next book. It should be up tomorrow or the day after. Unless you want to combine after discussion and last week.


I wouldn’t mind, it shouldn’t get too crowded either way. :slight_smile:

We’re starting the next book next week without a break, right?

Spoilers everywhere~

Also yeah, I loved everything about Rem and Subaru’s talk. Made me able to really sympathize with both of them for once. Depression is too real, Rem is too self sacrificing, they’re both doing so well. :broken_heart: But also I admire how she was able to deny Subaru’s request because it wouldn’t really have been what either of them wanted. These descriptions where we only get the info in bits and pieces because Subaru isn’t consciously aware of them continue to be really well written.

I’m like 99 this is it. I am going to scream if there’s another loop next volume. :eyes:


according to the poll yes. I highly doubt everyone will change their mind but I will wait until it’s over. (And it’s late over here)


And here I thought it was early, like 5 in the morning or sth. ^^


It was around 3:30 in the morning and I have to wake up at 10:30. I have lot of class on that day too sooo.
I must say that 5 in the morning is pretty late/early.


Actually, this is where Subaru transcended as a character for me. The exact moment he decided to continue fighting, the first words out of his mouth were the reason he started fighting in the first place. As if to respect Rem’s wishes, he went ahead and told her right away without a moment to spare. Rem is an equally amazing character for taking that and accepting it right away. He had the courage to do that. He’s true to his feelings and even in such a moment, he didn’t sway even for a second. Such an amazing, real, and well written character. He’s good in heart, but he’s just a spoiled kid. He learned this the -extreme- hard way, and now he’s ready to start really improving as a person.


And that final title drop.

Good stuff, good stuff.

The author considers up to here to be the prologue of the story.


I still can’t accept it. I don’t want to accept it. Rem sacrificed herself for him and gave everything for him more than once. I understand your point. I just found it so sad for Rem. She understands Subaru the best.

It is now the time for the most important question of this book. I postponed it because of how important it was but I believe it is essential now.
Who do you ship Subaru with:

  • Rem
  • Emilia
  • Ram
  • Beatrice
  • Felix
  • Roswald
  • Other

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I tried to include the character that have the most chance to be more inclusive but I can’t include all character.(This is just for fun I’m not trying to start a ship war or something.)


I’m in it on the long run for the depression so I can only ship him with 死に戻り :stuck_out_tongue:


@mrahhal I was going for self respect but I like your ship. :stuck_out_tongue:


I ship him with 魔女. She has a way to make his pulse racing.


The after book discussion is up. I can’t wait to read all your opinion on this book.