Re Zero Volume 5 week 4

Re Zero Volume 5 Week 4

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Start Date: April 6, 2020
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Week 4 Reading: Till end of chapter 4 part 1

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As you promised, things certainly seem to be picking up! I’m only up to part 5 of chapter 3 so far, but I can already tell its going to be a faster (because more enjoyable) read than the last weeks’ parts. :slight_smile: (Also chapter 3 is a super short chapter.) If the book continues like this, I’ll keep the complaining to a minimum. Maybe. :wink:


Hahahah good to know.

Ohhh I see. Well, good luck :relieved:
And, do complain! I think it’s pretty obvious by now, but it seems this is exactly what the author intended for us to do haha


Yeah, he’s been very in your face about it from the get go - I still don’t like it! I suppose he did everything right there haha.

That’s not ominous at all! :eyes: But then again, this week’s reading already started off ominous.

In case anyone is interested: writing on a tablet with the language set to Japanese is a major pain even on the romaji keyboard! :joy:



Yeah I really hate that. For some reason, it’s just fine doing that on a phone, but the tablet feels uncomfortable.


sigh, Tokyo is going to be in lockdown, which means I won’t be able to borrow more books for a month.
Welp, time to catch up on all the book clubs, then.
Oh wait, I don’t think I have the next book, though? :scream:
Well, there’s the preview online anyway, so I won’t be that behind.


It is only at times like these that I forgive myself for buying all the books in the series 2 years before reading them.
Haven’t been able to buy anything since a few months now (even digitally, there’s an altogether different crisis in my country even before this one started).


Yeah, hoarding sounds silly until the moment you actually need some hoard…


Done with chapter 3 - and I think I’ll leave 4.1 for next week. It’s a bit long until next Monday, and I kind of want to read the chapter in one … flow, maybe. Unless there’s something major revealed in those 4ish pages? I do want to read what you guys have to say too…

I think I’ve somehow been spoilered haha. The village and mansion massacre weren’t a surprise. :thinking: But I’m not sure what happened to Emilia, Beatrice and Roswaal, so not all is lost. :stuck_out_tongue: They likely also died, but I’m looking forward to finding out next loop. Or is it? It’s been so long since we had a loop, and we also need to find out what that prologue was all about. The title for chapter 4 rather makes me think it’s not quite time for that yet though…

I half want to keep reading, but I also want to read some other stuff. :smiley:


I just finished ch3 and I agree. I’m going to read the next chapter in one go. Things are definitely getting more interesting. (I can’t remember exactly what happens next though, since it’s been a while from watching the anime :stuck_out_tongue:)

I just wanted to add, It was amazing how in shock Subaru was. He was walking over dead bodies and blood, and not acknowledging it. It took a while before it sank in. I guess because he didn’t want to believe it.



Ooh yeah, I liked that part. I think it showed Subaru’s state of mind really well - towards the end as well, that descent into madness. :+1:

Usually his insistence on making this all ‘his fault’ (or ‘it would be if he didn’t deny it well enough’) would have usually annoyed me, but he gets a pass for not properly processing a horrible scene like this.

Even so, I kept thinking, ‘what are you, a kid? The world doesn’t revolve around you…’ :eyes: :joy: