Re Zero Volume 2 Week 3

Re Zero Volume 2 Week 3

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Start Date: September 23
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Week 3 Reading: Until the end of chapter 2 part 12

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Time: Saturday 10 PM(Japan), 9 AM(USA), 3PM Europe.

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I’m kinda getting confused with the pace of this volume. We started with 30 pages, then 40 pages, and now 45? I hope we’re not increasing the pace with each week :joy:


You’re just forging ahead, aren’t you! :smiley:

It should stay around 40 pages ± a couple for the rest of the book. I think the first one was shorter to ease the getting into it?

Also, the break point was pretty good.


Oh I see, yeah makes sense then.

Getting revenge on volume 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Had some dead time during my travel in the previous week so used that to read ahead. Hope I can keep up by the end.


That’s pretty much it. Also, I didn’t count illustrations when I made the schedule. This time, we got 42 pages of text.

The full schedule:

Nb: there’s a typo; first week should say 29 pages of text.


Ah, that’s what it was! I don’t have the physical book this time (:pensive:) so I couldn’t check myself, but I’d been wondering that the 2nd week seemed so much longer when it was supposed to be the same. :joy:




大したことではないので、気にしないでください!それより、いつもお世話になりましてありがとうございます! :slight_smile:


For a better place to stop on this week, I strongly suggest finishing the chapter (just 3.5 additional pages).


Plus, you get slightly less load next week as a bonus :stuck_out_tongue:


I have questions for this week reading.

Just before part 9
愛刀 = Love sword
呆れる = to be amazed
関係性 = relationship
一方通行 = one sided
Should translate to something like:
“I’m surprise to hear your relation with the love sword. The love is one sided so should you change it’s name?”

Near the end of part 9
惚れ直す= to fall in love
演出 = theater presentation?

“Instead of being impress, I feel in love with that scene”

At the end of part 10

“If you were to follow it, The women will be happy”

At the end of part 12

疲れる= to be tired
縦 = Vertical
ロール = roll
引っ張る = to pull
びよんと= hop (I guess)
反動 =Reaction
童心 = child mind
“Beatrice pull a roll that seems tired. The hopping roll stretch, the reaction release by the finger bounce. I look like her child mind got stimulated”

I am really not sure about this one.

The last one is a little after,

5 毛先を揃えて、さっと洗い流せばそれほど時間はかかりません。こうでもしないと、スバルくんは口先だけでレムに本懐を果たさせてくれそうにありませんから
本懐 = long cherished desire
I understand the first sentence but not sure about the second one.
“I’m not gonna let you have your long cherished dream with rem.” or “Your long cherished dream with rem won’t pass your lips.”
Something along those line??

I know i’m asking a lot this time but I hope you can help me understand these sentences.
A huge thanks you in advance.

(This happens right after it cut him, so)

愛刀 = beloved knife
聞いて呆れる = shocked to hear

It was shocked to hear you calling it “beloved knife”. Since the love is one sided, how about you call it “favorite knife” instead?

惚れ直される is more like “make up” maybe?

Instead of getting shocked, I thought a “make up” scene would be playing now…

Women are happier with being followed/pestered like that (referring to what they’re seeing in the gardens, Subaru and Emilia).

Beatrice seemingly tired pulled on her rolls (her hair rolls). Stretching them out, they bounced from the recoil after being separated from her fingers. Seeing that instigated Subaru’s childish mind.

If I don’t do that, I won’t be able to fulfill your long cherished desire that you confided in me.

Thanks for the help makes much more sense.

That what the rolls were. I forgot about those. I was wondering if she was rolling on the ground. I was thinking that it was not beatrice-like.


Dude, I feel so betrayed.


That’s what I’ve always felt in volume 1 even when I wasn’t :laughing:

Life is so unstable, so I’m trying to always save up on reading ahead. So sorry :eyes:


Haha nah, that parts good. :+1: Keep on keeping on.

sorry, kind of spoilery for beyond this week's part.

Seriously. Maybe.

What I meant was, how is the end of the chapter a better place to stop? I was feeling all nice and safe, and then halfway through that last part I had this really bad feeling that I knew exactly what was going on.

I trusted you~ :cry:


God I’m sorry I thought of something else completely :joy: (maybe that’s proof how I’m always feeling left behind so I self inserted?)



I’m from the camp that says cliffhangers, THEN, having to wait, is the best part of experiencing these stories. So, also sorry about this, but I still feel it’s for the greater good :joy:

Also, I’m kinda interested in what someone who hasn’t watched the anime feel about this going in. I can’t think objectively about what I’m reading, since I know where this is headed. But loved reading that you were feeling nice and safe :laughing:

Feel free if you ever want to share more about how you’re finding it. Hopefully, the story becomes much more interesting in this volume as well and it’s from this part onward that I’ve wanted to read in Japanese.


Oh! 善意の第三者! I have just learned that expression a few days ago.

By the way (currently reading part 10) is that the first time we witness a scene without Subaru? It feels kinda weird.


That’s a good vocab item-thing.

There was the short scene in the first book when Felt ran for help and brought Reinhart with her back to the storehouse.


And if you want to count it, the conversation between Emilia, Reinhart and Felt after Subaru almost died and was just lying there.