Re Zero Volume 5 week 3

Nevermind me, conflicting waves in my brain whenever I want to write something that speaks my mind. I like to be completely in the dark when I read something, so I’m trying not to say anything unnecessary.


Thanks for not spoiling


Next week is up

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Took a little while to finish off this weeks reading :sweat_smile: I thought I’d comment since I haven’t in a while.

I was beginning to think Rem was a bit of a pushover, but I was glad she decided to leave without Subaru and help with the fight. If only Subaru stayed, I’m sure he would avoid doing anything more stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

I also thought Otto was pretty cool. I especially admire his ability to sober up in an instant, though only seeming to happen if it’s to do with a business deal :joy:

For the anime watchers

This is one thing that wasn’t explained at all in the anime. It did look exactly that, but you’ll get a satisfying and interesting answer later on.


Well, 20 days+ late, but actually I really liked this part, though! I really like a good bit of unstoppable rage working against one’s own interests. My problem with his attitude before was that he was doing random s**t because he was just dumb. But now, it’s different. He just can’t stand the hand he has been dealt, so he is flipping the whole table (or trying to at least). Sounds like a death flag, but death is literally an advantage for him.