Re Zero Volume 2 week 5

Re Zero Volume 2 Week 5

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Start Date: October 7
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Week 5 Reading: Until the end of chapter 4 part 3

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Time: Saturday 10 PM(Japan), 9 AM(USA), 3PM Europe.

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  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapter(s) and any content in future chapters.
  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
  • To you lurkers out there: Join the conversation, it’s fun! :durtle_vin:
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Whoops, I was reading other things instead of last week’s part. Welp, gotta catch up some time. But not today, 'cause I can’t put down 聲の形…


You might want to get to this part soon :eyes:

(I actually finished it already but it feels warmer to be in the same reading along group. And will wait a bit before putting my thoughts)

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Haha, I always appreciate your cryptic remarks. :smiley:

Anyway, since this week’s thread is up and it’s about last week’s reading, but can I just say how much I appreciated that last part of last week’s reading? :slight_smile: That was a really cute scene.

It’s really interesting how differently people are reacting to him. Guess you can’t not change anything when you yourself are a changed person. :smiley: Especially so since these are people without preconceptions about him.

(Oh, so you just don’t wanna be the only one ‘already done’? :wink: )

(Or did you mean you finished with the book already? :open_mouth: )

(I’m looking forward to your thoughts. ^^)


Haha yeah I didn’t want to be “already done” :joy: It’s dumb but I feel better being reading along with everyone, so do consider me a part of that.

Not done with the book yet but I’m a bit ahead (I’m planning to do what you suggested so that I get time to finish volume 1)

Yes! One really interesting thing is how events around him are changing silently. Like how he mentioned he never saw Roswaal at the bath in the previous one, even though, at the surface at least, nothing substantial has changed.


page 168:

page 185, end of chapter 3:

This is the most brutal and soul crushing death so far ;-;
Forcing himself not to sleep, just so he can see the morning, but then dying like this.
This is the ending of episode 5. Along with showing the ending’s visuals for the first time, and putting this sequence right after, this is a strong scene. You will want to at least watch the ending, it’ll give you more imaginative power while reading :relaxed:

The beautiful ED (spoiler free)

Re:ZERO - Ending 1
how do you embed a YT video :thinking:


This was my favorite arc in the anime tbh


This one is extremely good, (not really spoiler) but I still love arc 3 even more in how it was a major turning point. Arc 3 did build upon what happens here so this is the foundation. Can’t wait to reach that!

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Don’t click

It was a fun trip but, honestly, I was hoping they’d kill off Rem permanently to really drive in the dark tone but they sure didn’t :man_shrugging:
The feels when you want Re:Zero to be darker.

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Don’t click if you don’t know the anime (gonna stop here ;-; )

Just a small note that you might want to stress this is a big spoiler for later so that people don’t open it (they might think it’s related to the current week). And, well, I’m not sure if you know anything beyond the anime, but arc 4 is, uh, really good.


Honestly though my enjoyment of re:zero is directly proportional to how much Subaru is suffering

Don’t you like that about the best waifu.

Nothing better than a flexible girl

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I had a question at the beginning of chapter 3.

When Beatrice explain to subaru about shamans


The problem is mostly in the last sentence.
向き合い = to be opposite; to face each other
腹立 = to irritate.
術師 = shaman
他 = other
かしら= I wonder/beatrice’s speech pattern
“This is why shamans are failures. The way there are using it they can’t hurt someone else. The way they face the mana is irritating. I wonder if there is other shaman’s groups?”

Thank you

(You mean beginning of chapter 4)


There is no use for it but to harm others. (Careful as you translated this wrong)


The way they use mana, they’re just so irritating, those shamans [共 as derogatory]


can’t they just be somewhere else I wonder? (less literally, this could be taken to mean “I hope they would just disappear”)

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Thx. I saw a ない so I thought negative.

Never know you could do that.

This is so like beatrice ha ha

Thanks for your help. That was fast

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You can’t embed links in “Hide Details” sections.

It’s amazing how four episodes of anime can adapt a whole light novel. Is there a lot of detail in the books that are missing from the anime?


Oh now I see why. Thanks.

Not a lot for now, I can even say “no”, but. I’m kind of a big fan, and I still learned and realized many new things even from the parts that were included. The writing style is great, and lots of details is put into describing the situation. It’s actually mindblowing for me. And as I’ve heard, a lot is cut from arc 3 so looking forward to things from here on out.


I kind of want to start reading along, too, because I really like the anime, but I think my Japanese is not good enough and I will just end up being unmotivated… Could anybody tell me if it’s too difficult for beginners? Or is the writing style rather easy? Thank you all :slight_smile: