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This book is chunkier than usual. This one marks the end of Arc 6.
Again lots of stuff to say so bear with me till the end.

Entire book spoiler

Subaru finding out his past thought the book of the dead was painful. Poor Subaru. The library seemed to be outside the restarting loop.
I’m not sure what Rui plan is here. She split herself and Subaru into past memory and present. Her past self eat’s Subaru’s past then fake being Subaru then try to fuse with him? So he would fuse his memory with Rui’s one and become Rui? If someone can help me understand it I would appreciate it. Book walker P.125 Chapter 3 part 4.
But she can’t support all the death he suffered so she gets scared of how he can survive it. Subaru might not be OP but he can take damage,
Subaru defining [小さな王」 Not at Regulus being all mighty but as a king needing support was such a nice thought. His power is really Subaru-like.
Julius beaming Raid was pretty cool looking.
I swear Rai can take too much damage. How many times was he beaten and cut? Ram was pretty epic. She uses her horn to awaken Rem’s horn right? She didn’t lose it, she didn’t destroy it right?
Rem was feeling responsible for breaking Ram’s horn but it seems Ram thing that it was a good thing.
Miri is much stronger than expected. Subaru took some burden for it but she managed the stampede and Sharla at the same time. Let’s go Miri.
Beatrice healing Miri and casting magic was pretty epic. Then Julius just dropping from the sky.
Emilia fighting a dragon with ice Subarus. Not sure what’s up with Bolcanica. At first, I thought it would be a robot. I’m not sure it’s the real one I mean Raid wasn’t so…
I need to say… SHARLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHY T.T I wanted her to join the Emilia gang. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I definitely hate that [賢者]. I mean sure she was prob too strong so it would have unbalanced the story but still… WHYYYYYYY. She just wanted love T.T The small scorpion is cute but Sharla is cuter T.T
On another note did the stampede just stopped like that? It feels like it was nothing. Miri got hit but the stampede still was weak. Was the tower the reason they charged? I was sure they were attracted to Satella. Talking about her… Did she just popped because of Rui? If so why does Rui appear and why doesn’t Satella attack sooner like she did before. I was sure she was triggered by [暴食] knowing about her.
At the end Subaru just got teleported? with Rui which seemed to became weird and REM IS BACK!!! THE BEST SHIP IS BACK LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Again lots of questions that might never get an answer.

Thx for reading this far. I can’t wait to hear your comments for those who read it. Really liked this arc and can’t wait to read the other. I might slow down because book club and stuff but I will continue reading till the end. 2 VOLUME LEFT!!!


If it’s just a page you’re having a problem with, you can just post it and people can check :slight_smile:

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It’s more an event but I guess I could pull the page up.

Here it is


The yellow part is where I’m not sure.

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I’m not sure what the problem is with that sentence, so I’m just going to translate it.

In actuality, the plan of Rui and “Rui” went on smoothly. Rui experienced “Return by Death” inside Subaru and, through scheming, prompted/encouraged (can be either, I don’t know the context) his split into Subaru and “Natsuki Subaru”. Then, while remaining in the “corridor of memory”, Rui" was supposed to devour Subaru who he had split himself from “Natsuki Subaru”, making his ability (return by death) her own. She was just one step away (from succeeding).

Then the next part explains how, even if it had not gone well the first time, she was not afraid to keep trying hundreds of times until she got it (then your page ends).

Based on the context from the previous paragraph, the idea is that Subaru’s personality will be devoured = overwritten by hers. So, she (Subaru-Rui) would still have his ability (since she is still technically Subaru, just in a weird mental state) and be able to use it for her own purpose. That’s a pretty good plan.

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Understanding how it connects with the other events after Subaru lost his memories, and who’s who at what time and why, took some time to comprehend. Here’s my thoughts.

It was a Louis-possessed Subaru that we were following from the very start after Subaru lost his memories. She discarded his memories and wanted to take control over him - thus the amnesia (there appears to be a reason why Od Laguna didn’t steal his old world memories, maybe it just can’t access them because it’s from another world?). She was only interested in experiencing his authority. Seeing it from the memories she stole is like watching a movie, but attaching to his soul allows her to actually experience it herself. That’s the plan. She thought this would be the greatest life, having the ability to fix mistakes and finally have a “fate”.

This is foreshadowed by Subaru being able to cross 4 walls instead of the 3 (envy, sloth, greed, + gluttony because of Louis) when Subaru tries to escape the tower at one point after the amnesia.

So, Louis influenced his thoughts and even took control when she killed Meili and wrote Natsuki Subaru on his arms and walls (a bit shaky at this one, needs a reread) because she was already terrified form the very first death that happened. After the Rem appearance though (which happened because of Subaru’s greed factor and because he was inside the Corridor of Memories), his mind was reinforced and he was able to have control over himself. And from then on Louis was stuck experiencing all the deaths. Fast forward, Subaru finally reaches the Corridor again and gets back the original Subaru memories, and that’s when Subaru finally releases Louis, visually splitting her from his own existence.

Louis, similar to what happens with Subaru, hallucinates the other version of herself from before the possession in the Corridor, and an inner struggle begins.

For some of the other parts like the stampede and the appearance of Satella, I really need to reread this arc. It was so dense with events.

Loved it, might definitely be my favorite arc. And the way it ends is so unexpected I have no idea where this is going.

I also particularly loved the Julius and Anastasia parts. That was amazing, to finally realize why Anastasia went unconscious in arc 5 hit me hard.

Answer to Mrahhal

OMG I NEVER REALISED!!! I make more sense. Damn I still need to practice that Japanese T.T I missed such an important point.

I don’t remember the stones. I can I miss so many things T.T Her power allowed her to attach to Subaru right? I don’t remember if it was explained how her authority works for that.

I FORGOT TO SPEAK ABOUT IT. It was really a nice scene. Then Echidna is transform into a wolf?

I also forget to speak about why Emilia got her memory but no one else. Maybe it was too long for Rem and the memory was “digested”. Maybe he didn’t send them to Rui. And how Roy was sealed by the witch. He knew about return by death so maybe she sealed him for that but why not do it for Rai afterward? She had plenty of time. It was nice to learn about [暴食」's ability. Day eater and night eater. I don’t think it depended on the time of day. Like Regulus’s ability is split into 2 parts.

@Naphthalene I know you don’t want to read the next volumes but this arc must be lived not spoiled. All the mystery makes it so good. Sorry to be annying with that.


Ah sorry this one is my mistake. They weren’t glowing stones, I meant to say he was able to cross 4 walls instead of 3 (corrected it above).

Exactly, we know a bit about her authority. Solar eclipse vs lunar eclipse. I think Louis is the only one who used solar eclipse, the other 2 were afraid to use it because it can affect their psyche.

This is still a mystery yeah. I thought at first it’s related to who ate the memories, or whether or not they were able to kill the archbishop. But I don’t know, too much we don’t know.

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I thoughtt about it and realised something. I we say that the number of door open depending on the number of witch factors then whatever is behind that is linked to Satella. The more door open the more miasma there is. My guess, Satella is sealed behind the doors. Which would explain the miasma, the number of magic beasts and why the doors open to the witch factors. I’m sure we are coming back to this door at one point.
I now wondered what happen with ¯[暴食」's authority. Do they have 3 or does only Rui has one? I want to see Ram with the witch factor but I believe Subaru will get them all and unseal Satella by accident. I do believe there are 6 since The archbishop of envy is Satella. Only 2 left if we forget Rui.

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I think that’s also related to why Shawla refused to talk about the 0 floor. I can’t remember how much exactly was revealed (vs how much I theorized), but I’m thinking the same. Satella’s real body must have been sealed in the 0 floor. Because this arc is the only time she actually appears physically without possessing Emilia’s body (like in arc 4).

I believe they all have 2 abilities: solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.
Lunar eclipse: recalls the eaten person’s memory and uses results (like skills) in the original body. Lye and Roy mostly use this.
Solar eclipse: transforms into the eaten person himself, gets affected by the eaten person’s psyche. Louis mostly uses this since she has no body in the first place, and Roy uses it once with Reid.

I feel like this is the long time plan too, but this is ReZero so who knows. I’m sure you can already tell from what happens at the end of the arc, and the start of the next, that you can’t anticipate where the story goes.

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It was never confirmed that she possed Emilia though. I think it is what happened but it wasn’t explicitly said. That could explain why we never saw Satella’s body during he attack on the tower though.

She just said it wasn’t the time to speak about it or something.

And Rai with Rem. I was wondering just who will get the witch factor when they died. Does the witch factor is only in Rui or is there 3 witch factor. Maybe she took over Roy and Ray like she tried to do to Subaru though. I just wondered if Ram would get a witch factor. First time 3 people share 1 witch factor. But then they is also three mad beast of gluttony so number 3 is magic.

yep. That is true

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No, thank you. I just can’t stand Subaru, especially when he keeps missing clues, so mystery would be extra frustrating.
I especially realized that when I noticed that the only reason I didn’t hate volume 14 was that there was mostly no Subaru in it. It really makes no sense for me to keep reading this series.

By the way, I find it funny you two translate 権能 by authority :joy: I mean, that’s what it literally translates to in English, but it just sounds so weird.

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I think the official translation also says authority. I never thought I sounded weird until you pointed it. I still don’t find it weird but I can get why you’d think so.
This isn’t the first time I heard someone using authority to mean power. It can be used to say that he commands it. Which is why it makes sense to me.

Okay then. Sorry for insisting.

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And arc 6 is complete!
If you can remember for next time, please tag me in the next posts so I can see


About Louis’ authority, she had a line where she said she could do anything as long as she put her mind to it, of course it could just be her overestimating herself, however if we think of it like this, that Gluttony is consisting of 3 bishops, and especially Louis being in Od Lagna, an essential part of the world of Re:Zero, I think I can believe her authority is extremely flexible, and she can do so much with it.

For Ram’s fight, she used her link with Rem because they are twins, and she activated Rem’s horn as her own, I’m not sure how much you picked up but Ram always has a mental block on her own powers, otherwise she’d die, she is the reincarnation of the Oni god, supposedly, so using Rem’s horn she was able to use more of her power, she didn’t use all of it though, otherwise she would have hurt Rem. Rem’s horn is fine.

Volcanica, from 400 years ago, if I recall correctly is dead. This is just another one, but basically this Volcanica is still supposed to uphold the contract with Lugunica, however, he grew senile with no interaction, as one of the Web Novel chapters was called “Death of the mind”

Shaula is now just a simple mabeast so we can’t have any hope that Otto can talk to her, I think the Shaula we know is dead now. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with her now.

The stampede was called in by Gluttony I believe.

When Rem first came back I was actually crying lol, especially when she had no memories, it was a big win but also really sad. It’s my belief that as long as Roy and Louis are still alive, then the authority of Gluttony won’t be passed on, just my guess though. I have a feeling that Louis will die soon, and maybe they will be forced to kill Roy too even though they imprisoned him.

Underneath the tower, the tunnel with miasma leads to Satella’s shrine, you are correct. I definitely think in the 10th or 11th arc they will be back to the tower and we will learn more about floor zero.

There is no archbishop of Envy, I think the closest one we have is Subaru since he has envy authority

Answer to Haseeb

Sure. I posted the link in last week post thinking everyone who commented would see it.

Oh my! Never thought she was that important.


That would make sense.

I was sure Subaru would be the archbishop of pride. Petelgeuse supposed that at least.

Make sense. She does seems different than usual though. Just licking Subaru’s faces like that. Guess I will see in the next book.

Fun thing that happened today. Bookwalker, for some reason, order the book by bought order not by volume number so I read the first pages of volume 27 thinking to myself that I missed stuff only to realize it was the wrong volume. Good thing I don’t watch the pictures first

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Well, maybe, but that’s not what 権能 means. 権能 means that one has been granted the ability to do something. While that matches one of the meanings of authority, it’s obviously much more restricted. Also, I think the choice of word is meaningful in Japanese, since it implies someone (or something) did the granting. (In volume 14, I think Pandora declared Petelgeuse the archbishop of Sloth, so it could be her, but I don’t know if her statement was descriptive or prescriptive; it could also be the individual witches, I guess you all may know the answer already)

No worries! I’m just mildly surprised that you would push for it after all my complaining :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe near the end somehow we can get Shaula back (with dragon’s blood?)

Petelgeuse says that because no one but Satella should have Envy and no one was pride, Subaru had too much miasma so he guessed that. We don’t really know who has pride’s authority, but I’m sure Tappei didn’t include that for no reason so it might be a big twist later.

Yeah Louis’ mind probably broke because of Return by death

lol you dodged a bullet

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Is that so? Just to be sure do you only read the web novel or do you also read the Light Nove because it seems we have different infos sometimes.

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It’s just a joke saying that means you got lucky (by not looking at pictures and spoiling even more)

I read all the light novels that are translated into English (currently 16). What was different about your info?

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Just because when you said Volcanica dies or that Ram was the reincarnation of the Oni god or the Petelgeus saying no one else but Satella can be envy, are all Infos I don’t remember. That could be on me though. I read it in Jap so I might have missed some parts.
Actually, it’s prob me. Never mind that.

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