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I look at the first few pages(Pictures only)

First pictures

So many news characters. I want to know how they all interact together. They are all connected to some character. Then we have a weird chain guy. I think I found the bad guys/girl of the arc. Sometimes I wonder if I should look at them.
WHY IS PETELGEUS STILL ON THE COVER. Isn’t he suppose to be dead. He always steals the cover. Let me take a guess from the picture. The chain guy/girl is another witch-cult member that likes/loves Petelgeus and wants to kill Subaru for revenge.
Can’t wait to see that city it looks so nice
Welp time to dig in


Just finished chapter one

Chap 1

1 year passed. It was pretty quick to build a mansion. The first time skip I’m sure Napthalene would be happy. Subaru has a new training ground and the Beatrice-Subaru relationship is too cute. At first I thought the guests were Whilem and Felix. I mean she said a cat so… Julius’brother really thinks Julius could beat Reinhart? He needs to be more rational here. Mimi and Garfield seem to go well together. He even said she was strong. I just wonder how strong Mimi really is. How did they know that Emilia wants a high-level magic stone? I suppose Anasthasia used her connection with merchants.
I loved the meeting with the boys. Although it ended up in a contest of who can bully Otto the most. 頑張れオート. The Rem part at the end makes you remember the stakes in the story.
Garfield believes Subaru that to get bigger he needs to sleep early haha. This nice peaceful chapter was fun. It’s a change from the action-packed arc I just finished.


Will this be a thread of me talking to myself? We will see I guess

Entire book

This book was nice and cozy. No big thing happen before the last pages. I was wondering when would the problem happens. I suppose Ririana and Kiritaka are characters from an ova or ex volume. All the candidate at the same place is almost calling for problems. We can see everyone back so it’s really fun. Garfield playing with Mimi, Hetaro, and Tibi was fun. He got a huge complex when Reinhart appeared but you know, it’s Reinhart. I knew Feliz would be angry that Subaru broke his gate. Beatrice really got more arrogant or is it just me. I like the interaction between Subaru and Beatrice.
It’s official I hate Reinhart’s father. I loved when Pricilla almost killed him. I kinda like her and her way of thinking. It’s funny and annoying by time. When Beatrice and Her argue I was sure a fight would broke out. Pricilla does seem to be pretty strong. She just makes a sword appeared out of nowhere and unlike her build looks like she seems pretty strong physically.
Julius and Subaru’s relationship is still funny. Julius called him 友人 when they fought Petelgeuse, of course, they are friends.
Hoshin been an Isekai人 makes me want to have a spin-off about him more than before. He brang Japanese culture to the world. He is a hero :stuck_out_tongue:
The last part was kind of disturbing. I was wondering why no one reacted when Sirius brought a child chained and bleeding. I was sure she wanted to marry him. I was scared that the boys was シュルト at first. I did not realize at first that Subaru died until he said it on the next page and I had to reread everything. Reading the part where the boy fall and everyone was cheering was painful… After rereading it seems like Sirius can synchronize people’s emotion than when one is afflicted they something it echoes in all of them. Mind control- synchronization thingy. Scary…
I thinging that attacking, when all Queen candidate was in the city, was bad luck. I was expecting her to break the wall and flood the city or something. I was also thinking that Reinhard can just pop out of nowhere and end it all. Chin does have a Reindhart calling thing after all. Since Felt can call him when he is not there I was expecting him to have a huge area that he can see or hear.
Wasn’t expecting an Archbishop to pop up like that. She seems to have control over anger. Maybe she just controls emotions. Funny that the sin of anger wants love. But then it matches with the witch of anger, and Betelgeuse being the opposite of his sin. Her having the same family name as Petelgeuse is bothered me… maybe it’s her daughter? Or maybe a fellow follower of love. That last scene broke the entire calm pace of the book. That last part made me read faster… I hate that death. I prefer the rabbit one. ちくしょおおお
Question time:
Sirius said that the boy was brave because he confessed? Is that all or did he got rejected?

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Well, I’m planning to comment in the various threads as I read, but I do not have volume 16 (15 is the last I have), nor do I know yet if I will ever own it… so maybe? Maybe not? :stuck_out_tongue:


im only about halfway through volume 4, but just you wait :no_mouth:


I thought she said he was brave because he 'volunteered to stand in for whats-her-name, the girl she wanted to use first.

I took notes reading this volume (somehow I missed when you made this thread), so… I’ll share those when I’m not accessing the forums on my phone. Wouldn’t want you talking to yourself~


~deep breath~

Alright! I’ll start this today and see how it goes! Very excited to continue the story (at first I was going to wait for a new anime season, but that might take years :joy:) and see how the novel differs from the series.

First impression, as I have only seen the cover:

Geus…?! Wat? And who’s dat O__O


Arc 3 was extremely shrunk in the anime, so there’s lots of differences there in the novel. There are a few important scenes that weren’t adapted in arc 4 too. Other than that, season 2 was very faithful. Regardless, you can continue from this volume onwards, you won’t be affected much because of missing scenes, at least for now.

Good luck! And feel free to ask questions.


Thank you for that info! I’ll try to be active here, and I will certainly ask loads of questions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I had the same first impression.
I will be waiting for your comments


Did Subaru get OP in the process? If not, I was right, and thus happy.

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The answer is no but I’m sure you will like this time skip. Not like Subaru really got any stronger. Or at least not visibly.

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Well, I dropped the series, so I’ll probably never know.

Does he finally know how to read and write?

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Not much more than before

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Is there a vocabulary / kanji list or document help for this book already?

Otherwise I’ll just keep searching and translating things myself slowly :joy:

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There is none sorry. Not a lot of people read that far so it is mostly everyone their own but if you have questions just ask.

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I see! I’ll keep doing it myself, then :smiley:

I actually have a question: on page 5, in the prelude where there’s the double-page illustration, there was this

I managed to understand by translating it together with “目を〜”, but by itself, I couldn’t find it anywhere. It’s a verb, right? Does it have a kanji alternative? I tried so many combinations to try to find it on Jisho :exploding_head:

Yes, this is a verb.

I’m gonna plug “Lapis”, a project in progress I’m working on.
Here’s a screenshot:

Check this link from it (you’ll need to create an account): 息をこぼしていた

Clicking on こぼしていた will show you the conjugations too in steps:

What’s nice about Lapis is it automatically parses even complex conjugations and grammar points.


Thank you very much!!

It went completely out of my mind to try to find it on Lapis :woman_facepalming:t2: