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Re Zero Volume 2 Week 6

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Week 6 Reading: Until the end of chapter 4

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Not done yet, but the attack from レム was completely unexpected! I thought it would be ロズワール for sure… But at the same time, they may have just noticed he is still around, watching the manor, wih the additional problem that he didn’t get closer to them this time around, meaning he is super suspicious. That being said, that still means レム or possibly ラム (since they probably use the same weapon?) killed him the second time around :thinking:

Edit: okay, the reason isn’t that he is suspicious.


At page 210 (part 4): 角でも折って

角 here is つの: “horn”. It’s not anything angle related, wanted to point this out.

End of chapter 4:

This is just heartbreaking. And I realized some things for the first time.


I kept wondering what that was, and then.


Something he’s been pushing to the deepest place of his mind as a possibility, so much that even us the readers didn’t notice but the somewhat discrepant interactions between them, even though we’re in Subaru’s mind. He had hoped it’s all just mere apprehensions, but it appears it was all true and more.


I have two questions.

They both are in the beginning of this week reading.


角 = horn
人里 = Human habitation

“If the red demon really wanted to be friend with human, he should have cut the human village with his horn and before the blue demon/ogre he should have cut his body.”

The last part is hard with the horn is hard to understand.

the second question is shortly after.


得る = to get
対価 = compensation
支払わせる = to be payed back
論外 = out of question
傷付く = to be wounded.
機会 = chance
奪う = to steal.

"For whatever price he get, it’s out of the question that he paid back the red demon/ogre. If he wished the red demon, he should have wounded the red demon. He got his chance stolen so he can’t complaint. "

My translation makes no sense ha ha.

Please help me :sob:

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If the red demon wanted to really be friends with humans, he should have cut his horns or something and went down to live in the village. He should have done that before the blue demon disappeared.

身を切る means 自分の金で払う。身銭を切る。So to pay with his own money and body.


Making the blue demon pay for something he wanted is out of the question. If who wants it is the red demon, then who’s hurt should also be the red demon. Even though the blue demon robbing that chance is also a problem.


The red oni, if he truly wished to be friendly with the humans, it would have been better if he had done something like break his own horns off and went down to the human village. Before the blue oni could no longer stand by and watch, he (the red oni) should have “gone through the pain himself”.

身を切る seems to be a set phrase that means going through something painful, like hardship, or extreme cold. This dictionary also has the meaning @mrahhal mentioned, but the example sentence given seems to be from a very old text so who knows :man_shrugging: .

In order to gain something, making the blue oni pay the price for it is out of the question. The one who wanted it was the red oni. The one who should have been hurt is also the red oni. The blue oni, who stole that chance/opportunity (for the red oni to pay the price himself presumably), there is also a problem with him (he is wrong). The final sentence is the same meaning/nuance as “問題はあるけどね”.


I have a question at like 65% - it’s somewhere in the 2nd half of 4.4 I believe. When スバル and ラム are discussing the dragon pact.


Oops, posting on mobile sure is difficult. Anyway, I can’t figure what exactly 貴き is… きき?むちき? I’m assuming it’s some kind of respectful way of referring to the dragon?

It’s the classical Japanese version of 尊い. It’s just an adjective :slight_smile: It does sound respectful, or formal, I guess.


Pretty sure it’s read as とうとき = 貴とうと+き.

@jneapan’s comment above seems to be more accurate. With 貴い + き.


The first time I encountered this was in the title of the anime Arpeggio of Blue Steel. It was 蒼(あお)き鋼(はがね)のアルペジオ in Japanese. I’ve also seen Doctors Without Borders translated as 国境なき医師団, where the なき is the き version of ない. Also in Final Fantasy XIV a dragon kept calling me 小さきもの. All in all, although the grammar is a bit archaic, it has its uses in modern Japanese, and it’s a good bit to learn :slight_smile:


Interesting. I saw it a couple times but didn’t bother to look it up, it’s nice to finally know this!


Ah, thank you! So it’s just an archaic form for い adjectives, that makes sense. :slight_smile:


I can also safely say that it shows up in SAO too, so it seems decently common in fiction. (Well, certain kinds of fiction, at least)

(Just seconding your point about it being worth knowing about)


Just spent almost 2 hrs of my sleeping time finishing the chapter. :sob:

I can’t even imagine what the next chapter is going to be like. How will he face them? :sob: how will he solve this loop? Is this really why he died the first time as well? I have so many questions…

Not really spoilers I think, just speculation.


Which is why I couldn’t stop and finished the book by accident :eyes: Also, the next chapter is really good. Not going to say more obviously.


Me too! Finished it just yesterday. Was everything I expected and more. BTW, this volume ends exactly with the end of episode 7. I find myself always pushing the anime without thinking, but this one is a really impressive episode :sweat_smile:. It’s when I started to think “this might be something special”.

Teaser pic from the end of this week


I’m actually going to be free enough to start watching anime from mid November. I know this is still far ahead, but I’d be interested in watching the anime with the group at that time :slight_smile:


Great, maybe we can do some small schedule (like an episode or 2 per day or whatever works). ちなみに, I’ll be on a trip to Japan from mid November :star_struck: Gonna watch OVA 2 in theaters there, a coincidence that it’ll be premiering as I arrive :relieved:


How much of volume 1 did you have left? :slight_smile:

I understand the impulse so well… :sob: I really only wanted to read a couple pages.

There’s an ova out, too?

I’m really knowledgeable on anime stuff obviously. :upside_down_face:

But yeah, I’d definitely be down for watching the anime! I know we talked about it between volumes, too but it’s getting more realistic. :smiley:
Are we talking as far as we’ve read- or everything? The end of the anime is in like vol 9 or something, isn’t it? I’ll wanna stop where we’ve read up to because it’s actually a lot of fun getting surprised by the book. :slight_smile:


Only like 20 pages XD

Yeah, 2nd one in November (and S2 announced but no date)


Definitely. Definitely, the book is always the priority. For now it’ll only be watching till episode 7 which is where this volume ends on. We can also watch up to 11 when we finish vol 3. But after that, we should not touch the anime until we completely finish arc 3 :slight_smile: